The Mission II in Saitama: BigEast Fan Club Meeting

By Lilla Sheil

Official BigEast fans enjoyed two sessions of fan club meetings held at Saitama on November 23, 2013.  TVXQ treated their fans to fun and laughter while they competed with each other while they decorated Christmas trees, and held special solo stages.  Yunho treated his fans to another cooking lesson with Chef Uknow by preparing pasta omelet or “YunGhetti.”  Changmin playfully complained as he battled three BigEast fans in a game of Ping Pong, losing two matches and winning one.

The highlight of the fan meet occurred when TVXQ took the stage to perform several songs, including two original, never before recorded solo songs!  Yunho’s song was in Japanese, and Changmin’s was an English ballad.

The setlist included:

⑶VCR- “White”
⑷Yunho’s Solo: “Tsunagareta Hune” (Tied ship)*
⑸Changmin’s Solo: “Gold Dust”*
⑹Winter Rose
⑺Very Merry Christmas
⑻In Our Time

*audio clip on Soundcloud

Twitter was ablaze with tweets from fans who shared their enjoyment, describing the momentous interactions of their beloved Tohoshinki!  During the Q&A session, the boys were asked which bugs scared them the most, and Yunho quickly responded Cockroach, while Changmin’s revealed his answer with body motions, saying “caterpillar” trying to imitate one.

There were two stages at the venue, the main front stage and the sub-stage in the rear of the hall.  As the event began, both BigEasts and TVXQ were assigned missions, the first was to have the BigEasts summon TVXQ by chanting “Tohoshinki!” over and over again.  While the fans looked to the front stage for their beloved boys to appear, they were taken by surprise as TVXQ surfaced riding a cart along a pathway up to the main stage from the back of the venue!

Changmin and Yunho treated their fans with close encounters as they walked amongst them, collecting personal items to use to help them decorate Christmas trees.  Changmin even went up to the higher level, as the clock ticked down on their assignment.

Photos revealed that Changmin collected a strawberry hat, official fan good candles, and oranges!  Yunho collected a gorilla mask, a chopper hat from One Piece, and food items as well.  When asked about their “Christmas rooms,” Changmin explained that the reason he collected the strawberry hat is because it reminded him of a recent performance he had with a friend (Kyuhyun), and the theme of his room was “lonely,” calling it a ‘hikikomori’ room (hermit’s room).  He made his fans laugh, when he was asked about a pair of handcuffed gloves, he placed them and a pair of boots under the tree explaining that his tree was cops and robbers.  He also had DS game, and said he would shut himself in, play games and drink.

When Yunho heard his bandmate explain about the hikikomori room, he questioned Changmin about why there wasn’t more food, because a ‘shut-in’ needs food!  Changmin countered that he’s a poor hikikomori without money.  Yunho’s fans laughed at Yunho because of his explanation that a gorilla mask represented King Kong, who protected women.  He hoped a lover could enjoy his Christmas room, and demonstrated the wine he set up on the warm kotatsu table.  He melted hearts as he flirted openly with a stuffed teddy bear toy, pretending it was his ‘date.’

In the end, Yunho won the mission, scoring 22 out of 25 points while Changmin accused the judges of being Yunho’s fans, since he only received 13 points.

Another game required Yunho and Changmin to team up and play a round of “The Price is Right” by guessing which items cost the most by ranking them (1 being the most expensive and 5 being the cheapest).  When they encountered a type of food they didn’t recognize, Changmin looked closely at the container and announced he knew what it was, “It’s very expensive!”  Yunho asked him to tell him what it is in Korean, and Changmin said is “abalone.”  Yunho wasn’t convinced, and ranked a pair of sports sneakers as the highest priced item, “They say PARIS on it,” imitating an American accent.  Changmin scolded him, stating that the sneakers looked inexpensive, and he should choose the abalone as the most expensive.  “You don’t listen to me, not even a little!”  The spoiled Changmin got his way as Yunho changed the rankings of the two items.

When the answers were revealed, of course the shoes were priced at $2600, the most expensive and Yunho gave Changmin a stern look.  Changmin walked up to the pair of shoes and couldn’t believe they were that much!  Yunho repeated “P-A-R-I-S Paris!”

Next they thrilled their fans with their solo missions.  Changmin challenged three lucky fans at Ping Pong but he was given ‘handicap’ cards he could use.  For the first game, the BigEast fan introduced was accredited with beating 4500 fans, and Changmin immediately asked for a handicap card.  The fan wore a pair of sunglasses to impair her vision, but she still won solidly.  The  next match against another BigEast fan was won by Changmin, only because he chose “slipper” as the handicap card, and the fan had to use a house slipper as the paddle.  He soundly lost the third game, even after choosing ‘bat’ as the handicap card, and signed the fans’ back.

Chef Yunho prepared “Yun Ghetti” with a flourish of his signature black apron, and vegetable slicing skills.  The fans pointed out the large mixing bowl next to him when Yunho kept using small plates to mix the ingredients, he teased them, “Don’t worry, I’m saving the mixing bowl for later.”  Later turned out to be a few minutes, when he transferred the mixed ingredients from a small saucer sized plate into the mixing bowl, causing his fans to laugh.

Yunho told his fans, “Someday after I get married, I will cook for ‘that’ person.”  The MC stole the show by stating, “Let’s invite ‘that’ person to come out now,” and introduced Changmin to the stage.  Changmin showed his confusion by telling Yunho he doesn’t understand why Yunho would put spaghetti inside an omelet.  But after tasting it, he admitted that it was better than last year’s dish.  Yunho had several large mouthfuls himself, enjoying his own work.

TVXQ surprised everyone by announcing a Japanese Concert schedule tour for 2014, that will span from April through June.  They will perform 26 times in two months time, including many week nights, which has BigEast fans who have full time jobs lamenting their packed calendar.

cr:  fanaccounts from  iruka0206, boomjakalaka, mug_ping

photos: chibisuz, bark, DBSKnights, onlyoneuknow



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