TVXQ Personality Charts

By Lilla Sheil

Choikang Changmin Chart

– Ballads
– R&B

– Audio
– Camera
– Sports car

– Wine
– Mexican food

– Shoes

– Basketball
– Baseball

– Backpacking
– Food travelling

Choikang Changmin

Looking at the analysis chart which Choikang Changmin personally drew up about his various interests, one could see that he has the greatest interest in digital stuff. From cameras, automobiles, audio etc, one can find out that a huge part of his current lifestyle is connected to digital media.

Following that, the area which one can see his interests is definitely sports. Perhaps it is because of his appearance now on variety program, “Cool Kidz on the Block”, his interests in sports are concentrated on various sports such as baseball, basketball and soccer etc. One year ago, he became independent and has been enjoying his single life since then. But even so, one cannot miss out the cultural aspect of his life alone.

Choikang Changmin’s main pleasures when he is resting at home are watching movies and reading comics, and listening to ballads and R&B music. Because he is alone, he wants to drive around, and go on food travels etc, showing that there are many things which a 26 year-old youth would want to do.

Coinciding with TVXQ’s 10th anniversary since debut, Choikang Changmin has let “The Celebrity” take a look into what he hasn’t been able to show before. Amidst all that, through “The Celebrity”, the lifestyle which Choikang Changmin wants to try the most is “Becoming a photographer”.

Looking at Changmin, who usually finds pleasure in taking photographs, the reason why he wants to learn photography on a professional basis is an inevitable conclusion. Not as TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin, but as a youth who wants to learn photography, Changmin started his attempt at being a photographer by taking on as his mentor, Mr Kim Young Joon, a famous Korean photographer. And after 3 months of learning, Choikang Changmin took his first step out as a photographer and completed the cool photographs. “The Celebrity” accompanied Choikang Changmin during those 3 months of Changmin’s attempt at being a photographer.

U-Know Yunho Chart

– Movies
– Electronic
– Pop art
– Party

– Cultural and historical trip

– Herbs / fragrant grasses

– Korean food
– Vodka
– Champagne
– Italian food

– Watches

– Basketball
– Snowboarding

U-Know Yunho

Amongst U-Know Yunho’s lifestyle preferences, the “Culture” section was the most concentrated one. He has huge interest in, of course movies and concerts, but also pop art. As a musician, U-Know Yunho’s musical interests run parallel to TVXQ’s musical inclinations, from R&B, hip hop, to electronic etc.

He has great interest in parties, likes Korean food, and enjoys the winter sport, snowboarding. Although he really likes snowboarding, he says that the extent of his love for snowboarding is such that he is really sad that he cannot go snowboarding often due to his busy schedule.

Moving on from his personal interests, a special characteristic of most of the things which he wishes to try at least once in various aspects of life is that most of these varied activities were activities which one can “enjoy together with friends”. Yunho expressed his desire to spend his time with his various friends at cafes or bars daily.

Although this is something which Yunho is already doing, one can see Yunho’s huge concern and interest in volunteering work. Of course, while persisting with his strides forward as an actor, Yunho also dreams of acting in movies or CF.

“The Celebrity” has chosen TVXQ, who is celebrating their 10th anniversary, as this month’s celebrity, and when we asked U-Know Yunho what he would like to do, we could already predict what his answer would be. Could it be that he would choose “friends”? Something like him transforming into a party host who personally prepares everything himself and then presenting those friends, whom he wants to spend his entire lifetime with, with a meaningful and happy night? Yunho expressed fully his personal lifestyle preferences and prepared everything sincerely. U-Know Yunho’s party was the best night which presented his personal preferences / interests perfectly.

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