Max Changmin, Variety Sucess Story of Top Star of 10 Years

By Lilla Sheil

Max Changmin has shown surprising results even in the variety field.

At the KBS Entertainment Awards ceremony held on Dec 21, TVXQ’s Max Changmin won the “Best Entertainer” Award in the “variety” category. He only embarked on his full variety foray for the first time this year, and has achieved success by even winning an award.

Max Changmin’s variety challenge was an unfamiliar thing to the general public. Although amongst the fans who know him very well, they were familiar with his glib and his quick wit in always catching the right timing to make his jokes, to the general public, he is seen as the quiet maknae of the team who speaks very little. With it being 10 years since his debut, Max Changmin decided to show off a different side of him other than as a singer.

In the talk show “Moonlight Prince” he captured attention with his daring words. Despite the fact that it was his first attempt at variety, he showed no restrictions, which was unexpected, and even said his 19-rated stuff without hesitation, and revealed the side of him which had stayed hidden behind his brilliant star appearance. Even when he was a co-MC with big variety veterans, he showed almost no cowardice and fulfilled his role whole-heartedly.

In sports variety show “Cool Kidz”, Max Changmin’s hard work shone through especially. Even in the midst of a packed schedule when he was shuttling back and forth between Korea and Japan with departures and arrivals taking place several times in a week, he did not neglect his practices, making viewers touched with this side of him. With a concert where he will be performing to an audience of almost 72,000 impending, he also continued with his badminton practices. This was a scene where one can see how much attachment to “Cool Kiz” Max Changmin has, judging from this side of Max Changmin.

The tears which he did not show during his 10 years of activity in the entertainment industry, all fell during his time on “Cool Kiz”, and even when he got injured, he still silently cheered on the other members without fail. In a situation where his variety foray is entirely different from his top star status as a singer, he caught the eye of many and touched even more with how much he worked. The result of that hard work has been acknowledged by the winning of his award.

Meanwhile, Max Changmin will be taking part in TVXQ’s SMTOWN WEEK concert “Time Slip” on Dec 26-27 at Ilsan’s Kintex in Gyeonggi-do.

See the clip below for the acceptance speech:

source: Newsen

translation: Mug_Ping

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