Fan Testimonies of their Experiences with TVXQ

By Lilla Sheil

During the TVXQ Fan Event, many fans had the opportunity to approach Yunho and Changmin for their autographs. While doing so, many of them had special moments that they later tweeted about. Fan accounts of their interactions with TVXQ:

Question: the stage which left the deepest impression on their minds

Changmin: In the summer of 2010 at the SM Town stage. I was shaking more than our debut stage. The 2 of us don’t ever do such things because we are embarrassed, but for some reason, the 2 of us held our hands together and like we were praying, we were muttering to ourselves, “will we be able to do well?” I remember this very well.

Yunho: Yes, that was right

Question: How is it that TVXQ manages to look even younger than 10 years ago?

Yunho: That was a really~ unbelievable statement. More than anything else, we have become a little more relaxed. So we are smiling a lot ~ and in line with the concept this time around, compared to the previous times when we were always putting force in our eyes (meaning facial expressions are intense), this time around our eyes have relaxed and we are smiling slightly so it seems like I recovered the looks of my original age ~ hahaha. No matter what, please look at us in a young light~ in reality, the other remaining factor is that medical technology has advanced a lot… I go to the dermatologist. The me who didn’t previously go to the dermatologist often previously is now going to the dermatologist once every 2 weeks!

Question: What will TVXQ be doing over the Lunar New Year?

Changmin: Lunar New Year.. we.. now.. what.. (to Yunho) what are you doing?

Yunho: for me, well, there is work right? There is work but I don’t know what it is but for now, Changmin is busy again! (Fans: Mimi! ) Everybody, please watch the drama~ and I will also be working hard..~ no matter what, it seems like I won’t be able to go back home (to Gwangju) (fans: ahhh~) my hometown friends are coming up (to Seoul) ~ my friend’s mother is running a restaurant and asked for my help, so I think I will be helping out (Fan: where is it?) I will be helping out at home. For.real.! Changmin, please say something too.

Changmin: I am scheduled for some work which has to be finished hurriedly. I am having thoughts like this, “Should I just be alone resting comfortably without showing everybody various different sides of me?” I will just be working.

Fan Account:
‘The first to sign for me was Changmin oppa. He is really handsome… Then I told him this is a question my friend wanted me to ask “Oppa, are you still watching porn now?”‘

Changmin: “Porn? Hmm…how do I say this? The concept of us watching porn is…”

‘He then was mumbling softly to himself when he explains himself so I did not hear what he was saying.’

Fan Account:
Today at Fansign venue, there was under 10 years-old little boy. Yunho stopped signing but paused and paid much attention to hear what that little fan boy was saying, Yunho caressed his face gently and shook hand to him, too….All people in the venue response like elastic wave: “I also wanna be little Fan like that!”

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