TVXQ’s Memories of SOMETHING

By Lilla Sheil

SM Entertainment shared an illustration via SNS (Kakao Talk, Facebook and Twitter to name a few) for TVXQ fans to enjoy!

The tweet read:

Introducing #TVXQ!’s memories that have made with their fans for 10 years, including their keywords of 2014!

Of note, some of the memorable moments include:

1. Brand, new TVXQ for 2014: New style with Swing/Jazz comeback song: “SOMETHING.” With the drawing of the radar chart, (spider web chart) fans can see that there is very little focus on the powerful SMP style of performance with this comeback, and more focus on genre and vocals.

2. #1 award winning comeback of SOMETHING: All kill on the music programs, (MCountdown, Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo) as well as listed as #2 on the global Billboard albums!

3. More information about their 7th album TENSE, and the lead song, “SOMETHING” that was written in a completely different style that TVXQ has represented in the past. Also the Big Band sounds and costumes from the Jazz era, and how they are reflective of a Las Vegas show! Their music video included some provocative moments with beautiful women, for the first time! The line dancing with ropes done by world famous choreographer, Tony Testa tops off the total package.

4. Notable records made by TVXQ include: First KPOP artist to ever perform in the Nissan Stadium (140,000 attendees), in 2010 for the SM Town tour, TVXQ hung from 41 meter high wires as their grand entrance! In addition to celebrating their 10th anniversary on December 26th, 2013 TVXQ also celebrated selling 10 million albums total during their 10 year career! Also in 2013 along with Nissan stadium, TVXQ performed in five domes, accumulating an audience of 850,000 during their “TIME” tour.

5. The biggest area of the illustration is dedicated to the official Cassiopeia and BigEast fan clubs, and TVXQ fans worldwide that support them. We see red balloons, emoticons that represent both Yunho and Changmin, and fans holding up signs during their concerts, stating that we will always be by their side. Of course, we wouldn’t be fans if we didn’t know their slogan: “WE ARE T!”

Congratulations TVXQ!

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