10k Hours of Determination

By Lilla Sheil

SBS Hard Working Idol

SBS released a documentary on 2/17/2014 which featured TVXQ’s Yunho Uknow, SHINee’s Taemin and EXO’s Kai. In the documentary, they are highlighted for their dance skills as well as their hard work.

“Yunho looking at his trainee video and critiquing himself: The look in my eyes totally portrayed that of wanting to catch something (ie it means like fierce determination and drive). But even so, I really couldn’t make it. Compared to what I thought, I really couldn’t dance well.

Yunho: Speaking about the feelings of meeting the past me, I feel accomplished, and also a little overwhelmed.

Yunho: There was something called “Hardworking Type” who will be picked from the trainees. At that time, I received my first prize (ie he got the “hardworking” award). They said that I got the 1st place amongst the hardworking people and I received a CD player. I practiced till that (player) totally fell apart and I was using rubber bands to hold it together.”

Watch here, on the SBS Channel to see the current Yunho viewing his 15 year old self audition for SM, and his reaction:

Full show is 22 minutes, and can be seen here with subtitles, 480P:

Credit: SBS

Translation: mug_ping

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