Eye Spy Changmin!

By Lilla Sheil


“Open your eyes~”

Eyes are the most important part to determine people’s general impression. Also, people see the eyes the most frequently. According to the shape of eyes, their characters are classified such as eyes of cat, dog, and deer and so on.

‘Sca Quiz #2’. The theme today is ‘figuring out idol’s name by looking at their eyes only’. Subjects are only limited to group members belonging to STARCAST. We classify 20 types of attractive eyes.

The method is simple. ☞ First, check the picture showing only eyes ☞ Then, read hints given by sca with care. ☞ Next, guess who is! ☞ Finally, check your answer. It a piece of cake! Right?

Two different eyes will be shown. If you get the right answer to all, you are a real idol collector!

First of all, we start with sparkling eyes of girl group. Are you ready? Then, GO!

☞ Haughty Cat Eyes

Left : Big and slightly slant eyes. That is eyes of a cat! Her hobby is sports dance. Her strong and haughty eyes when dancing are impressive.

Right : Her distinctive way of speaking is charming. Also her fluent English! She recently acted lovely girl character showing her haughty cat eyes in drama.

Answer : ‘miss A’ Fei, ‘f(x)’ Krystal

“Her attractive eyes”(Fei)

“Oh my god! What a haughty lady!” (Krystal)

☞ Limpid Eyes

Left : She is famous for her limpid eyes. Eye contract staring at the other is her ace. It’s like the black hall. Once you see, you will never get out from her. That’s why people in all ages love her!

Right : No matter how you get upset, once you see her eyes, all the anger will go away. She has such a big and sparking eyes. She is so called as ‘Walking ○○’.

Answer : ‘miss A’ Suzy, ‘GIRL’S GENERATION’ Yoona

“You are into her?” (Suzy)

“Eyes of a walking deer” (Yoona)

☞ Addictive Eye-Smile

Left : When you think of smile with eyes, she always comes up. Only with her smile, she has attracted huge male fans since her debut. It’s been 7 years, but her smile is still beautiful.

Right : Sunday morning, we could see her in ‘Animal Farm’. Her attractive smile with eyes and skillful management of the show was so adorable. She also was a heavy eater! She ate two mixed noodles at one time.

Answer : ‘GIRL’S GENERATION’ Tiffany, ‘KARA’ Han Seung-yeon

“My smile is the original” (Tiffany)

“Cute hamster” (Han Seung-yeon)

☞ Sexy eyes

Left : She is the Bible in sexy world. Look at her eyes. It’s so~ sexy! Once she wears clothes, the item is always SOLD OUT! Even her X Plus blanket was sold out.

Right : She calls herself as “goddess”. She is confident and adores herself. Her exotic appearance is well-known. Her sexy eyes are so attractive.

Answer : ‘4 minutes’ Hyun-a, “KARA” Park Gyu-ri

“Sexy Girl in smoky eyes” (Hyun-a)

“Eyes of Goddess” (Gyu-ri)

☞ Charming single eyelid

Left : Girl group’s healthy beautiful woman. She is the standard of Asian beautiful woman having no eyelid. Brown skin and slender ankles are her other charming points.

Right : She is so charismatic lady. Her powerful and intensive eye make-up is famous. It is not well known yet, but she has a wide social connection. It’s amazing that she has close relationship with foreign celebrities.

Answer : ‘SISTAR’ Bora, ‘2NE1’ CL

“Resemble Mulan?” (Bora)

My eyes are the hottest~” (CL)

It’s the end of Girl Group~. Next is Male Idol! Their eyes are as charming and impressive as girls’.
All the attractive eyes are here! Are you ready? Then let’s start!

☞ I’d rather jump into your eyes!

Left : His eyes are so sparkling. He is also soccer mania. Last summer, he played soccer with famous Park Ji-seong. His eyes become more limpid when playing soccer. Guess, whose eyes?

Right : His eyes are in moist. How can he sing a song about a wolfish man? However, he is so called “easy” type of person, cause younger brothers can what they want from him with their charming act.

Answer : ‘SHINee’ Minho, ‘EXO’ LUHAN

“Deer is in my heart” (Minho)

“Anger Lulu” (LUHAN)

☞ No eyelid, but charming half-moon eyes

Left : Does not look energetic because your small eyes? Never! SO Energetic! Thanks to his weird jokes, he becomes popular guest in variety shows. He is even attractive when forgetting password of his twitter.

Right : He recently has visited Borneo in Brazil to shoot ‘Law of the Jungles’. Even the schedule was too tight, his smile was still bright.

Answer : ‘INFINITE’ Sung-kyu , ‘SHINee’ Onew

I support your smile” (Sung-kyu)

“Beautiful new~” (Onew)

☞ Lovely Puppy Eyes

Left : He told reporter directly “My nickname is O puppy.” His eyes are fixed on fans. To him, fans are girl friends. Who is this man?

Right : He is living with Yangaengi, the Chihuahua. His eyes resemble Yangaengi. He is famous for his powerful vocal ability, despite his cute face. More tip! He loves chicken foot.

Answer : ‘INFINITE’ Woo-hyun, ‘BEAST’ Yo Seop

“Heart containing vitamin” (Woohyun)

“Resemble Toma’s?” (Yo seop)

☞ Haughty Cat’s eyes

Left : In movie “Suspicious woman”, 6 million people were attracted by him. His eyes are melting hearts of lady fans. His song writing skills are also talented. He has now 100 more melodies in mind.

Right : He is famous for his role as the Muggle-King(attracting general fan into their fan). He has eyes of cat, but turns out he is afraid of cats because he was attacked by a cat when he was young.

Answer : ‘B1A4’ Jinyoung, ‘EXO’ XIUMIN

“I’m the half basement~” (Jinyoung)

“Cats embracing dumpling” (XIUMIN)

☞ Eyes no need Mascara!

Left : He is famous for his energetic actions. He recently released ballad album representing his singing ability. Now, can you feel it? You got it?

Right : Can you feel his dignity? Thank you for the parents who gave his national treasure eyelashes~♪
Singing-dol, athletic-dol, acting-dol. You are the true greedy-man! Huhu ^^

Answer : ‘EXO’ CHEN, ‘TVXO’ MAX

“Miracle of eyelashes” (CHEN)

“He got that SOMETHING…eyelashes!” (MAX)

Note: Did you guess them all? I guessed 7! Most of them SM artists: Gyuri, CL, Yoona, Tiffany, Minho, Luhan and of course CHANGMIN!

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