They Like Eating Tacos

By Lilla Sheil

The Mexican newspaper “El Universal” published an exclusive interview with TVXQ.

They would like eat tacos

With the success of the Korean wave in Mexico many Korean artists have turned to see our country, like the group TVXQ!, who with his album “Tense”, they celebrated 10 years of career thanking his mexican fans for their support.

“I always wanted to go to Mexico. I have not had the opportunity yet but would like to go to Cancun. I saw pictures, articles and news, and saw that Cancun was in a very high position in the ranking of best places to vacation. Besides, I like go to eat at taquerias in Korea. I think that is delicious. I would like to try tacos at their place of origin”, said U-Know.

For Max, besides food, its referent has been one of the most popular sports here: football. “I liked football, when I was little and watching football matches, I met Mexico. Mexico plays well. I’ve never have been there, I heard that the place is nice and the food is delicious. I would like to visit it”.

“Something”, the main theme of the album is focused on swing jazz genre, and adds in his Youtube channel over 5 million ad views.

Of the 12 items included in the album, U-Know recommended to his fans “Always with you”.

“During the concert last year, our fans made ​​us a surprise with signs that read: “I will always be your side”. The composer who was watching the concert was very moved and gave us the song. It contains our thanks to the fans for always being by our side”.

Although they not yet have date to visit Mexico, artists assured that as soon as the opportunity presents itself, will not let go.

“I thank the fans of Mexico for supporting TVXQ! from afar. While I regret that there is not much chance to visit them, if there chance, we’ll try to create good memories with you. We worked hard on the seventh album and the song “Something”, so please, give us a lot of love and support. Fans of Mexico, I love you!”, concluded U-Know.

“I was amazed when I heard that there are many fans who support us in Mexico. I thank them very much and at the same time I’m so sorry for supporting us even though we have never visited the country. Mexico is a country that I would like to visit personally, as well as with TVXQ!, we not know when but we’ll try to visit all of you, so I would appreciate if you continue showing us constant love and interest. We’ll also strive to show you the best of TVXQ!”, he concluded.

Source: Jannis Mérida| El Universal
Translation: TVXQTone México FC

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