TVXQ Puts Us Under Their Spell – AGAIN!

By Lilla Sheil

TVXQ! will get you under their ‘spell’ with follow-up track “Spellbound” from their upcoming repackaged album of the same title to be released on the 27th!

SM Entertainment announced to the delight of fans on the 20th, “TVXQ will release their repackaged 7th album ‘Spellbound’ which includes the 12 tracks from their 7th full-length album and 3 additional new tracks on the 27th.”

The follow-up title track “Spellbound” is of the soul funk genre and expresses the feeling of falling under a spell when in love.

Get ready for TVXQ when they return with the repackaged album on the 27th!

SM: the music, choreography and fashion will all be fresh this time around. Everybody will be able to feel a different type of charm from TVXQ.

This time around, TVXQ will be performing with female dancers. Unlike “Something”, no props will be used this time around. SM – “The dance choreography was put together without any use of props. In place of that, they will be performing with female dancers. There will be special points which they have not showed everybody before.”

The performance will be attempting a new genre. SM – in this performance, TVXQ will attempt a new Soul Funk genre and show off a polished performance. The eyes and ears of the music fans (i.e. both visual and audio) will be captured through this fresh performance.

Note: Get your wallets ready!

Source: Naver, AKP
Translation: Mug_Ping

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