TVXQ Revealed in Grazia – Yunho’s Interview

By Lilla Sheil


Yunho’s Personal Thoughts

Grazia: Although TVXQ was formed as a band for a long time now, on a personal basis, what have you been thinking about lately?

Yunho: I think about my life’s philosophy, and I am inventing this and that. I suddenly gained inspiration and invented something, and right now the situation is that it has been submitted to the Korean Intellectual Property Office. Whether the result is good or bad, it may probably be known around the end of February or early March. Until that happens, it is a secret. (LOL) Recently I have just been composing songs, and have been making attempts to try out the things which I usually have interest in. Because I am now no longer of a young age, I have been having thoughts of wanting to try out things alone, just like a man. All while always organizing my thoughts by writing them down etc.

Grazia: (Regarding your recent release) Outside of the fandom, the public’s response was also good. And of course at the 3 public broadcast stations, TVXQ was also #1.


Yunho: I did not have any greed about winning any prizes, but because we received the prizes, I was happy. (LOL) In the past 10 years, we obtained 1st place with our title tracks a fair number of times. But because we obtained #1 this time around with our 10th anniversary album, it was different once again. Instead of happiness at being #1, because I was of this mind, “Ah, so we have received love for a long period of time,” I also developed a sense of responsibility and also made a resolution, “Moving forward, we are going to go on for an even much longer time.” Because we are TVXQ, while pursuing new stuff for our performances, I also want to be making music which is different from everybody else.

Grazia: We heard that you like walking, do you still go walking around nowadays?

Yunho: I secretly walk around. Even when we are moving around in the cars, we will stop for a short while and I will walk around. I need time alone to organize my thoughts.

Grazia: When you are alone at home, what do you primarily do?

: Clean. Some time back, I did the laundry. Because stuff like outdoor clothes definitely have to be washed by hand. (LOL) Now that I live alone, ridiculous as it may sound, I even try out cooking. It’s interesting / fun, but because I had become used to dorm life, I occasionally also feel lonely. That (void) has to be filled with other stuff, doesn’t it.

Grazia: If you were to give examples of that?

Yunho: While walking past a street, if there is a frame I like, I will buy it and hang it up, I will also try switching around the layout of the furniture within the house, I will also go out of the house to buy daily necessities. That type of serene fun definitely exists.

Grazia: Now the fans don’t follow you around? If not, have you found a know-how (method) to maintain that balance in your life?

Yunho: Seems more like the latter. The fans are still following me around like before, but compared to previous times, now they are more of the type who will look from afar in a courteous manner.

Grazia: You appear to be somewhat at the state of nirvana.

Yunho: I have reached the state of nirvana. The time of 10 years didn’t just pass.
Now we seem to convey with each other. When they follow me, I just think that they are following. Nothing more. And I have become more relaxed about it at any rate.

Grazia: Are there any things that you really want to do but can’t because you are busy?

Yunho: Snowboarding. I really wanted to go snowboarding this winter…. I haven’t even gone to the movies often lately. I manage to watch a movie from time to time at home.

Grazia: Are you the type of person that likes to hang out with friends when time permits?

Yunho: More so than not. But I haven’t hung out with friends much these days.
My friends are around the ages with responsibilities at 29 and 30 (actual age would be 28 & 29 outside of Korea) and they are busy with their own lives. However, I feel very good that they are all doing well.

Garzia: It is said that the recent hot star Son HoJun is also your close friend.

Yunho: There are several friends like HoJun hyung remaining in different areas. Although, there are friends that are successful already.

Grazia: You seem to have a lonely character.

Yunho: I tend to get lonely a lot. That is probably why I try to write about different things when I am alone. I feel that it is a good time to organize in various ways and I should often try something new with patience.

Translation: mug_ping and holatvxq
Photos: Grazia – Scanned by Haroo

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