ChangKyu’s Restaurant Tour

By Lilla Sheil

The KyuLine remains strong as ever with the two leaders, Changmin and KyuHyun go across Korea in a few days and spend their time eating delicious traditional dishes.

One fan from Twitter made a map of their travels:

KyuHyun posted several photos on Twitter, solidifying their friendship while they ate their way across Korea:

[TRANS] @GaemGyu: “Busan!! Immediately after we had arrived at Haeundae, we went to a seaside village which had baked clams and eels.. Upon waking up, we had cod fish soup to whet our appetites and thereafter even went to Nampo-dong in order to eat seed Hotteok (pancakes), and returned after eating… what is this feeling of emptiness / sense of void.. it doesn’t seem right that we travelled 30 minutes just to eat Hotteok (pancake).. ㅋㅋ”

(Hotteok – Korean pancakes with cinnamon and pinenuts)

[TRANS] 140317 Kyuhyun Twitter post: Delicious restaurants tour as recommended by a tv show with Shim Chwang.. Kekeke Sokcho red crabs… Soy-paste long noodles… (We’ll go) site seeing in Gyeongju after eating ^^

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