Changmin in Celebrity

By Lilla Sheil

“Max Changmin, my heart races at the word called “actor” which is deeply entrenched in my heart”

From his melancholic gaze, low speaking tone, to his bashful smile. Max Changmin, who possesses the looks of a first love whom anyone would have dreamed of at least once in their lives and who has made his return through drama “Mimi”. We forgot the Max Changmin on the stage, and instead took a close look at actor Max Changmin.

Q: The man who is acting again.

Changmin: This is a drama which I am taking part in for the first time in 4 years since SBS drama “Paradise Ranch”. Although it is a short 4-part production, the drama “Mimi” holds a lot of significance and meaning for me. It is a piece of work which was tantamount to an oasis quenching the parched thirst I had towards acting for that period of time. Actually, it is also the truth that when I first looked at the scenario (background story), I was troubled, “Will I be able to do it?” However, the surrounding support and the fervent passion towards acting led me to the filming venue again. While preparing for the filming, instead of feeling worried, I was instead filled with excitement. I wanted to go to the filming locations quickly, and I wanted to act.

Q: The relationship between TVXQ and Shim Changmin.

Changmin: While filming “Mimi”, the most regretful thing was my tight schedule. Because I had to film for the drama while being active in TVXQ’s promotional activities, no matter what, it was difficult to focus in entirety on both fronts. The schedules repeated back and forth, I would be filming for the drama in the regions outside Seoul and when it came to the weekends, I would have to come back up to Seoul for the music broadcast shows. However, for the sake of the staff who shows consideration for my schedules, the actors whom I filmed with, and the fans who were waiting for my works, I could not betray any trace of tiredness. Compared to anything else, I wanted to obtain a good result for my ambition and resolution in wanting to act.

Q: Persistent challenges and attempts with the label of an “actor”

Changmin: While taking part in this drama, the title of “actor” was attached in front of my name. I was quite embarrassed. However, this was a good opportunity which made me realize once again the fact that the word “actor” makes my heart race. Instead of those big dreams of “wanting to become what kind of actor”, I want to be an actor who develops and matures slowly along the way by making the most of the environmental surroundings. I don’t want to be an actor who is restrained by huge ambitions and has to follow along that blueprint. In this way, the day will come when the Max Changmin on stage and the Max Changmin seen on the screens and television will be able to receive recognition in all aspects.

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