Fanvids and Dom/Sub Conversations with TVXQ!

By Lilla Sheil

March 12, 2014 Beatles Code revealed:

When Yunho and Changmin started their activities as a duo, they often had fights/quarrels/arguments. On Beatles Code 3D, they were asked, “It has been four years since you two started to work as a duo. Have you been fighting more or do you have a better relationship since you became a duo?” Yunho and Changmin answered simultaneously, “Both”.

Yunho said that they fought a lot in the beginning. He said Changmin and him have 180 degree opposite (completely different) personalities. Changmin said, “When we were five of us, I felt that okay this hyung was like that and I was like this. But once we became just the two of us, I was not able to adjust myself to the change, where I need to take in everything about this person (Yunho), understand him and take responsibility. Therefore, we fought a lot four years ago.”

Yunho said, “We fought a lot but we got really closer (our bonds got tighter).” Changmin said the origins of those fights are something really trivial, e.g. Yunho drinks water from a PET bottle by touching his mouth to the mouth of the bottle. Yunho put legs up (with his shoes on) on the back of the car seats.

While they were having arguments, Changmin often said to himself that he should just let it go (or he should bear it). But if Changmin keeps these things to himself, he would be so frustrated that he could not kept them to himself anymore. So Changmin said to Yunho, “Hyung and I are totally different. We do not have the same wavelength.”

But recently, Changmin is able to tell Yunho, “Hey, put your feet down!” “Hurry!” “What are you saying!?” Changmin confessed that their bonds become tighter as time goes by. Changmin said, “this has never happened before. But we watch some fan-made videos and I tell Yunho, hey that one is really funny! I can tease Yunho very hard. By doing that, I think the wall in between us has disappeared.”

Yunho and Changmin were asked about their “Gab-Eul” relationship (gab is the one who is superior/dominant, eul is the one who is lessor/submissive). Yunho said, “I have been living my life with the thought that I am Gab, but these days everyone around me says that I am Eul.’ Shindong said, “Yes, I heard that Changmin is super Gab. :D”

Source: Beatles Code Japanese translation @jjfukura, English @beriko0214

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