The Secrets in the Cards

By Lilla Sheil

Following their activities for title track “Something” released in 2014 for their official 7th album “Tense”, TVXQ is now continuing with its promotions for “Spellbound” after the sale of its repackaged 7th album.

Through “Spellbound” which they have been showing everybody recently, apart from the dance choreography which utilizes the trump cards, TVXQ is expressing a direct concept while showing their 7th repackaged album which consists of trump cards made up of the photos of the 2 members of TVXQ.

Apart from the dance choreography which makes active use of trump cards, “Spellbound”, which contains a magical-like message that falling in love is akin to being put under a spell and causes one to fall even more into it, also consists a refreshing attempt as they appear on stage together with female dancers.

The trump cards this time around were the concept for the stage performances for “Spellbound” and they were also the forefront of the “Spellbound” music video. The setting of the stage, the performances, the concept, either one of them, let’s start from watching the “Spellbound” music video~!!

Starting from this point, a doubt arises, is there a different significance / meaning to the trump cards which appear in the “Spellbound” performance? Looking at it carefully, the secret to TVXQ’s trump card performance which can be seen!! Let’s dissect everything in detail from now onwards~!!

If we want to get to the bottom of the secrets of the trump cards of TVXQ’s “Spellbound” performance, we will first have to learn about trump cards.
From the basis, the trump cards are made up of 52 cards. Starting from the ACE card, there is King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8… etc, consisting of the number cards.

Instead of looking at the meaning of each individual card, the trump cards which vary in significance according to how they are put together, show off their intrinsic worth and stand out in a poker game when there is a brilliant combination of cards.

The combination labelled as the best in a poker game is the “Royal Straight Flush”, where the ACE, King, Queen, Jack and 10 of the same suit are continuous. This is a combination with a probability of 0.000015%, and it can be said that a person who has created this combination will definitely win that particular round!

The combination which will win no matter what, Royal Straight Flush…?
Interesting as it is, looking in detail at TVXQ’s “Spellbound” music video, one will be able to find the secret of TVXQ’s “Royal Straight Flush”!! The difficult but interesting secrets to TVXQ’s “Royal Straight Flush”.
Starcast will reveal these in a friendly(?) manner to everybody.

Just like the meaning revealed earlier, the combination of “Royal Straight Flush” which is made up of Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 in a continuous manner is one which is dazzling. Appearing in the initial parts of the “Spellbound” music video is the first card of the “Royal Straight Flush”, the Ace card, signifying that TVXQ is always pursuing the best music and performances, and also signifies the current position which TVXQ is at now.

Next, the King card appears in the individual shots of the 2 members in the “Spellbound” music video, and the King cards signify TVXQ themselves.

If the Kings are TVXQ, then the protagonists of the Queen cards which protect the Kings’ position are of course the fans who stay protecting by TVXQ’s sides. The position of Queen in the hearts of TVXQ is compatible with the fans, TVXQ, who convey their gratitude to the fans through the “Thanks To” in every album.

Third, the Jack card belongs to the staff who work together with TVXQ. The music video for “Spellbound” also arranged the Jack cards to the side of the 2 members of TVXQ, reminding one of the staff who are always together beside TVXQ.

And what about the last remaining card, 10…?
The fans who are quick will already have been aware of this card. It is precisely the “10 years” since debut which TVXQ has been together with the fans.
Looking at the “Spellbound” music video in reality, the setting of the 1~10 cards appears at the part of the lyrics which go “The road which you walked together with me”. One can also interpret this as “the time which we spent together”. Even if this was noticed in coincidence, it is also too inevitable right?

(Ace) – The best music and performances at the top position, (Queen) – amidst the cheers and support of the fans who are always protecting TVXQ alongside them, (Jack) – while working in parallel with the staff, and (10) – with the experience and sincerity culminated over the past 10 years, the (King), who are not just showing their cool appearances domestically but are also doing so at overseas stages, TVXQ have created the perfect A, K, Q, J, 10 harmony. To the TVXQ who is evolving with every album, this excellent harmony is the secret to TVXQ’s “Royal Straight Flush”. With any one of A, Q, J, or 10 cards missing, there would not have been the present TVXQ (King), and without TVXQ (King), the A, Q, J, and 10 will also disappear. From this point, one can feel robustly that this combination is the best combination.

Even if TVXQ is now actively domestically in Korea, their new album “Tree” which was released in Japan on 5 March has also taken the #1 spot on the Oricon Weekly Album Charts for the 4th time, taking into account their “best” album, “Best Selection 2010” and official albums “Tone” and “Time”. Following this, Oricon revealed the news on 11 March on its homepage that “TVXQ’s #1 position on the album charts is their 3rd consecutive one for their past 3 pieces of work, and cumulatively their 4th. Obtaining consecutive 3 #1s for official albums is the best record for overseas groups in history, creating a tie record with America’s rock band, Bon Jovi”, praising TVXQ profusely.

TVXQ’s secret to a “Royal Straight Flush” which works not just locally, but overseas too. Because the end to this game has not yet been decided, it makes one anticipate TVXQ’s activity even more.

Finally, even if the years pass by in the future, leaping over the “Royal Straight Flush” to A, K, Q, J, 11, 12… etc, TVXQ will elicit the ever-evolving “Double Royal Straight Flush” combination and will lead this strong combination of cards. Please show such a TVXQ a lot of support and encouragement.

[article and photos provided by SM Entertainment]
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Translated by: mug_ping

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