TVXQ’s Spellbound Give Away!

By Lilla Sheil

TVXQ Fans… WE ARE T fan club will be giving away at least 10 free Spellbound CDs!!

Want to win your very own copy, which includes a deck of 52 customized TVXQ photo playing cards, as well as a separate plastic card?

Here’s what you need to do to qualify:

1.  Subscribe to our website, Twitter (@TVXQFANCLUB) and Facebook page (!

2. Name the three gifts we got for both Yunho and Changmin!

3.  Send us an email or FB message with the information, including your user names for each of the three sites!

We Are T will cover all shipping costs.  We will contact ten randomly chosen qualified winners, and then contact you for your shipping address!

Shipping will be covered by us!

Stay Tuned our news on the TVXQ Train Ride!

We Are T!



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  1. yunnieT

    Hi mama Kat!!!!

    this is such a wonderful surprise and hope to get my hands on those cards!!! i absolutely love spellbound!

  2. haruno_tenshi

    so excited for this contest! and envious of mama kat who gets to be with TVXQ riding the TVXQ Train! 🙂 mama kat you are living every fangirl’s dream!!! <3

  3. jlin

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway ^_^ It’s really kind of you! 🙂

  4. shin9095

    Gifts for Yunho:
    1. A pair of Puma sunglasses
    2. A bottle of Absolut Vodka
    3. A leather passport case from Henri Bendel

    Gifts for Changmin:
    1. Scented candles (travel candles)
    2. Two bottles of Red Pinot Noir from The Winery Lacrima
    3. Lego Star Wars (two boxes of the brand new set ones)

    I’m not sure if I may leave the answer via Facebook message so I answer here too 🙂
    And I’m waiting for your fanaccount about TVXQ Train that you rode with Yunho and Changmin. It must be one of the unforgettable moments; 7 hours in the same train with two perfect species on earth~ :Q___

  5. Papita

    Hello, I want to participate in the giving away! thank you very much <3

  6. recklessming218

    Hi, I sent a FB message with everything required 🙂

  7. lizanatallia

    Have you announce the winner? I hope, I’m not too late to join in the giveaway. I really want that Spellbound CD so bad 🙁
    Thank you for making the giveaway 🙂
    I’ve sent you a FB message 🙂

  8. biancazp

    3 Gifts for U-Know: Puma sunglasses, Vodka, Passport case
    Changmin: Scented candle, Red wines, Lego Star Wars

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