Changmin’s Receives Love Call from CKOTB

By Lilla Sheil

On the most recent broadcast of Cool Kidz on the Block, the cast spoke of Changmin’s tears in the past, and while reminiscing they called him!

[Talking about how Changmin is the emotional maknae of the show and highlight cuts of Changmin’s tears appear]

Lee Byung Jin: I was looking at him from far away and I thought that blood was coming out of his eyes (due to the redness).


LBJ: I thought those were blood tears.

Alex: they weren’t dark circles, but red circles (around Changmin’s eyes). Blood tears.. whoa…

Chansung: For me, if I cried, it would seem like a situation whereby “What did you do well to be crying now”


John Park: I know that kind of feeling.

Chansung: in my heart, I was crying a lot, but I just couldn’t bring myself to follow how my heart felt and cry. (because if I cried), it seems like I would hear comments like “what did you do well to be crying”

Kang Ho Dong: if he were to cry, it should have been a situation whereby it’s like 8 or 9 points (against 11 points) where it’s a narrow margin of loss

Chansung: yes, it should have to be to that extent (if I were to cry)… like the pity at losing… there should have been stuff like that for me to be crying hard…

Lee Byung Jin: when you are going to cry, you will be having this thought, “Would it be ok for me to cry?”

LBJ: I really miss Changminnie.

-phone call with Changmin-

KHD: Changmin ah~

Changmin: euhahahahhahahahahaha! Hello?

KHD: Changmin, are you getting on well?

Changmin: yes hyung, hello, this is Changmin.

KHD: Changmin, where are you abroad now?

Changmin: Me, I’m in Japan, Tokyo now.

-captions: Changmin, who is in the midst of carrying out his Japan schedule-

KHD: this is the 1st anniversary special edition of Cool Kidz, and everybody is gathered here.

Changmin: yes, I heard about it, I should have been there too

KHD: we are talking about “tears”…

Changmin: euahahahahahahahhaha

KHD: Changmin ah, actually you are Cool Kidz’s “Tears and Defeat” icon, aren’t you?

Changmin: with my tears, I play the role of the pioneer in the aspect of “tears” on Cool Kidz, wasn’t I?

KHD: everybody said that they thought your tears were blood…

Changmin: eueueueuhehehehe… 1 year has passed, do you guys really have to talk about that again?

KHD: yeah, your highlight cuts are playing now..

Changmin: euhahahahahahahahahahha

KHD: while having our reunion, we are also talking about you now…

Changmin: yes, Ho Dong hyung fighting, Cool Kidz fighting!!!

KHD: Changmin fighting, thank you!

Changmin: thank you!

Trans by : mug_ping

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