Moon Ga Young Speaks About Changmin Oppa

By Lilla Sheil

About MGY working with various idol singers…

MGY: “strangely, I get to work often with the idol oppas. Fortunately the fans of the oppas whom I have worked together with have looked upon me favorably and I also felt happy. Amongst the idols, the person whom I had the most complete chemistry was Changmin oppa. Changmin oppa acted well. Leaving aside other stuff, the Han Min Woo in the drama was really identical to Changmin oppa’s personality. Because his emotive expression went well with his real-life personality, watching him in the drama was great. Thanks to him, I was also able to work well with oppa.”

Moon Ga Young also revealed that while filming for “Mimi”, there were scenes where she got worried because of Max Changmin. Those scenes which she could not help but feel worried about were of course the kiss scenes.

MGY: “There were kiss scenes with oppa, there was no way I could not be worried. I got the feeling that I might keep getting scolded by oppa’s many fans. Fortunately, after the broadcast, oppa’s fans looked upon me favourably. That was really fortunate.”

Q: What kind of performance will Moon Ga Young present the next time to once again surprise the public?

MGY: “First and foremost, I have to show good sides of me through acting. But even so, if I get to do this type of special performances again, I want to try performing with Changmin oppa. I saw him dancing, and he was really cool.”

*only Changmin-related parts translated

Translated by: mug_ping

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