TVXQ’s Breakfast on Human Condition

By Lilla Sheil

While promoting Spellbound, TVXQ! appeared on Kim Shin Young’s “Human Condition,” and today KBS Entertainment posted a clip of behind the scenes.

[trans] 140510 TVXQ on “The Human Condition”

Commentary: The leads of Shin Young’s lunch boxes are none other than TVXQ!

Yunho: This time around… “The Human Condition”?

KSY: “The Human Condition”.. The themes now are “Living without meat” and “Living without flour”.

Changmin: It seems like it will be really difficult (living without meat or flour).

KSY: Do you guys want to try experiencing it once?

Changmin: Ahhhh~ Aigoooo… Your words are too overboard! (ie jokingly meaning that asking them to try it out is a hard thing)

KSY: Ah, is that so?

KSY: There is something which I have prepared today. Because they said that TVXQ would be coming, I prepared lunch boxes without any meat or flour… for the sake of the both of you..

Yunho: yahhhh~ it seems like kimchi fried rice?

Changmin: The meat… Didn’t you add ham in there?

KSY: No no.. this is “chicken breast meat” made from beans.

Changmin: Ohhhh~ noona~

KSY: The important point is that the taste is the same (as real meat).

Yunho: A faint shape of a heart!

KSY: Strawberries… there is chocolate on them right? There is no sugar in them. They are made from agave syrup, (can’t hear properly) extracted sugar, and cocoa powder, and (pointing to the 2 sweet potato), TVXQ~

KSY: you guys almost always don’t eat breakfast right?

Yunho: Yes~

KSY: Because you guys have to quickly get out of the house… TVXQ is so busy… it seemed as though you guys can’t look after your meals well, so the 5 major nutrients are all in there (the lunch boxes).

Changmin: This is really from the heart! I’ll eat well noona~

Yunho: It’s not ham right?

KSY: It’s not ham.

Yunho: Chewing it seems like it is soft…

KSY: It’s like ham right? It’s chicken breast meat… Chicken breast meat made from beans..

Changmin: Ah it’s delicious~

KSY: Ahaha hold on~ it’s really delicious? Really?

Changmin: It’s really delicious!

Yunho: I really like strawberries.

Changmin (pointing to Yunho): he really likes strawberries!

KSY (pointing to the strawberries): our members (of The Human Condition) personally plucked these strawberries.

Yunho: Ah really?

Yunho: The fact that there exists this kind of syrup, I’m really surprised~

Yunho: If we do this (programme), there is no way we won’t become more knowledgeable.

Yunho: I definitely have to recommend Changmin for this programme. Something different, something really strong (ie difficult). Changminnie~

Changmin: “Not drinking alcohol”?

Yunho: Yes perhaps those kind of things?

Changmin: for one week~

Yunho: not drinking alcohol for one week~

Changmin: I have 2 refrigerators at home. One of them is just filled with beers.

Commentary: Changmin-ssi, that’s an unexpected side of you~

KSY encouraging them for their activities

KSY: How can you just shoot my scalp! Just my scalp~ I have to appear on the screen together with TVXQ!

Translation by: mug_ping

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