TVXQ’s SWEAT PV Released (short version) by Avex

By Lilla Sheil

TVXQ might be in the middle of touring at the moment, but they did not let their fans wait too long to enjoy a new video of their upcoming single, “Sweat”, which was released today.

The new track will be included in their upcoming single, which will go under the title “Sweat / Answer”, and is a jazz dance number which is perfect for the summer.

Yunho and Changmin look absolutely stunning in their summer fashion with reddish and yellowish jackets on their patterned T-shirt. They also show how they hit the club and charm the ladies with their looks and dance. The new single is scheduled to be released on June 11.

Meanwhile, TVXQ have recently wrapped up the tour in Fukui for the “TVXQ Live Tour 2014~TREE~”. They will continue their tour to other cities, including Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Hiroshima. The duo will be performing for a total 29 concerts until June. They will make the next stop in Tokyo for a four-day performance the Tokyo Dome on May 20 to May 23.

cr: AVEX Entertainment, ttwigo

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