Compilation of Fan Accounts: TREE at Fukuoka

By Lilla Sheil

The dish which Yunho likes the most “Motsunabe” – although he was dismayed last year because he didn’t get to eat it in Fukuoka, because he got to eat it yesterday, Yunho said that he was happy and that he is working hard on stage now in order to convey that happiness to everybody ^^

While saying that Fukuoka, which was their first concert in June, is hot, Yunho suddenly did a oyaji gag “word play on Fukuoka to say “shall I wipe my perspiration”“. Changmin heard the oyaji gag and was surprised and said to Yunho, “Please tell me in advance in the waiting room (if you are going to be doing these gags)! If you suddenly say this, the people around you will be got off guard.” Yunho then went “I like the Changmin who is taken aback like that” hahaha. Yunho, who made the fans who heard this exchange scream!!

After telling the fans to do the “lift down” thing, Yunho suddenly said to move on to the next song. Changmin asked if it was really ok for Yunho to be like that and when he said that Yunho had a lot of ad-libs today, Yunho went “I don’t even know myself what I should be saying” haha

During the talk segment when they were asking the fans what the album title is, Yunho again corrected the pronunciation of “Tree”. Changmin said that Yunho hyung is putting a lot of emphasis on pronunciation recently and during the recording for a music broadcast programme a few days back, when the MC pronounced the album title in a different way, Yunho corrected the pronunciation of the MC whom they were seeing for the first time, and that Changmin, who was beside him, was taken aback hahaha. Changmin also said that from then on, Yunho also corrected the pronunciation of the announcer hahaha.

When Yunho sprouted off the name of the author of “The Giving Tree” effortlessly, the fans went “Ohhhh~~” Yunho then said “Why is everybody going “Oh~~” I am unexpectedly smart”. Changmin went “The fans all know that”. Yunho went “No, the fans don’t” hahaha

Just like “The Giving Tree”, Changmin said “It’s not about singing with the aim of receiving love from people, I want to sing for the fans.” Yunho went, “I was surprised! That was touching!” Changmin then went “Because I ate a lot of delicious food in Fukuoka, I’m quick in my head!”

Yunho: today we ate ramen in the morning! Is it ok for me to say the name of the shop? We ate XX ramen.
Changmin: The pronunciation of the name of the restaurant is similar to my surname. Shi-mu Shi-mu ramen (seems like he is talking about Shin Shin Ramen)”

During the encore talk segment..
Changmin: Today’s encore is a little long. To be very honest, there is a member of the staff who is in the washroom….”
Yunho: It was fortunate that he returned faster than we thought he would.
Changmin: Fighting!
Yunho: Although we don’t know who it is hahahaha

Talking about Tohoshinki’s new single…
Yunho: It’s going on sale on June 11.
Changmin: Seeing that today is Wednesday, it’s exactly a week left.
Yunho: We are not going to be saying anything further from now on! Please watch out of it, it’s on the 11th.

After explaining the “Sweat” single, Yunho went “We have been talking about this from just now, please watch out for it~”
Changmin: “For the promotions for this new song this time around, we appeared on several programmes after a long while, but we weren’t able to tell everybody that it was going on sale on June 11 and to ask everybody to buy it on those broadcast programmes.”
Yunho: “Even here, we haven’t said that! We only said to watch out for it!”
Changmin: I said it subconsciously hahahaha. Sorry, please watch out for it!!

At the end of Goodbye for Now, when Changmin jokingly took away Yunho’s mic – Yunho pretended to cry & Changmin did a thumbs up to his good acting skills!

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