Staff Report 06042014 – Yunho

By Lilla Sheil

140604 Bigeast Staff Report

Starting from today, it’s the 3-day concert at Fukuoka! Because we discovered the Yunho in the waiting room who had been silently training while using the sandbag, we subconsciously took pictures ♪

Just like what we had introduced to everybody previously, through the use of darts and sandbags to prepare for the stage before the actual battle, the members look upon themselves strictly.
This is a serious expression which is again different from what is seen on stage!

“Building up physique and elevating the level of concentration” is one of the important preparations influencing the performances ^^

How was today’s performance for Fukuoka’s 1st day where everybody was in close proximity?
“Thanks to everybody, it was also enjoyable for us today too! Everybody definitely conveyed your mood across!”

Everybody in Fukuoka, please take care of us tomorrow too ~

Trans by mug_ping

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