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By Lilla Sheil

Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 TREE

11 venues 29 shows… We finished the concert tour at Kyocera Dome in Osaka.
Yunho, Changmin, band members, dancers, Sam-san and all the staffs: Thank you all for your hard work!

The TREE tour started as an ad hoc general probe (costume rehearsal) at Yokohama Arena for a very limited time that reminded us the last year concert tour (TIME). It was succeeded with 22 days consecutive stay-11 shows. Despite the limited prep time, we were able to achieve such a high quality ad hoc general probe. We prepared for the stage set under the time constraint and made adjustment adequately. In order to make the quality of our stage much better than (what we had planned), we spent everyday to modify the details of stage direction without compromise.

I am truly happy that everyone was able to finish the tour with smile on their faces without any major accident and injury during the really hard work and process.

How could we make a team with our artists and all the staff? I believe that it is the most important task for a stage director. How could I assist the two of Tohoshinki to make a team with this member of team? I kept thinking about something like that while watching the two behind.

Yunho did all his best to endure the leg pain. But in front of his fans, Yunho did not show the side of him at all and he danced while smiling. For us, audiences, we could not find any flaw in Yunho, but he evaluated himself strictly (harshly) and he was frustrated in himself not to be able to convey himself well to the audiences.

They were soaked wet as if they just came out from a swimming pool. Due to the heat, their consciousness faded away, and they had to change their costumes while they were feeling unsteady. I watched them behind when they returned to the stage without taking any rest.

While waiting to appear on the stage, they gave high touches and hand shakes to every staff around them. They said, “Thank you for your help! Thank you for your help!”

“Hide-san, It is so very hard.. I am gonna die..” He(*) told me so but I was not sure how I could help him. I could only let him drink water and gave him comfort by soft touching his back or shoulder. However, he gave me bright smile and a thumb up, and returned to the stage.
* I am not sure whether Yunho or Changmin.

I cannot imagine the level of pressure that they had when compared to us. They had the pressure on their shoulders but they went up on the stage smiling to meet with their fans.

I saw them behind, I saw their genuine and humble attitude, I am so attracted to them as men, as human beings, not to mention as artists. I wish with all my heart that I want to assist them to be able to convey their feelings to their fans, as many fans as possible.

In the last MC, Yuhno said that he was so proud of Tohoshinki staffs! I wish to respond to his feelings in an honest manner. His words made my heart filled with warmth and brought tears to my eyes. And I know for sure that I am not the only one who felt this way.

During the stage, I saw many bright, shining smiles and tears during ballads. I was so grateful to everyone that I was able to share their feelings that they wanted to convey with us, the staffs, too.

In this world, there are number of support teams matching with the number of artists. One of my goal is to build a team can be proud of for the artists when they talk about their team to the other artists. But I think the team that they are proud of is because of them, Tohoshinki, but not because of me as the stage director or other people. Tohoshinki really care about their team and colleagues. Everyone wants to meet their feelings/everyone wants to support them. I believe all the people watching them behind share the same thought.

This year’s tour has ended. But as Tohoshinki promised you that they will improve themselves day by day, we as staffs should also improve ourselves everyday. And I hope that in the next tour, we wish to prepare and create the best show, cool and crazy with out best artists and best staffs.

While I am writing this, I feel that I am repeating myself as usual… (laugh)

Finally, I want to thank everyon in the production ALC, SM and Avex to be able to work in the fantastic place. The place is always flooded with love!
Thank you so very much!

Dear God, thank you very much for letting me know such a great artists and the team!


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