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By Lilla Sheil


TVXQ appears on Music Dragon, translation below starts at the 6:15 mark! Such cute interactions!

MC: The things that each Tohoshinki member wants each other to fix. First is what does Yunho want Changmin to fix?


MC: Ehhhh? What does that mean?

Yunho: So because lately I’ve disciplined my body (diet), I control my meal intake. But Changmin, in the middle of the night, would make instant ramen so I got tempted by him.

MC: Like “let’s eat”…

Yunho: Yes, like “It’s okay!”

Changmin: “You won’t get fat!”

Yunho: And then I’d say “leave me alone”

MC: Ah it’s that kind of temptation, it’s hard isn’t it when you’re in the middle of dieting…

Changmin: Because he (already) has a good body…

*everyone laughs*

Changmin: … I want to share a delicious meal with him. It was a pure thought.

MC: I see, like you only want him to eat…

From 7:10

MC: But then, what Changmin wants Yunho to fix is this: “PLEASE STOP SNATCHING MY MIDNIGHT MEAL”

MC: Ehhh.. both of you said different stuff!

Changmin: So at first because I knew that he’s on diet (discipline), I didn’t offer/ask him. I made my own, and ate instant ramen or other delicious midnight snacks by myself but then suddenly he appears beside me and asked “Is it delicious?”

MC: Ehhh?

Changmin: “Can I have a bite?” and it was not ‘a bite’ at all, it was a big portion. So I thought, next time I’ll invite him to eat together. So next, when I was about to eat I asked him “do you want to eat?” he went “naaahh~”

Yunho: Can’t… Can’t

MC: But the reason (behind his offer) was because Yunho-san snatched his food first.

Changmin: Yes! So because he said he won’t eat so I said “Okay then I’ll eat it by myself” and when I’m eating, again, he appeared beside me and went like “Ya…. but okay I’ll take 1 bite”

MC: What was that…

Yunho: Yes so in the end I ate, but as to why, it was because Changmin’s reactions when he eats are no joke. When he’s eating he’d goes “Mmmmm~ <3 this is so delicious...” MC: So the “Mmmm~” was the temptation Yunho: yes indeed

MC: You two are close aren’t you!!


MC: Are you guys living together?

Changmin: Yes, in Japan.

MC: (asking the bald MC) Won’t you live together with me too? (and then the bald MC went all like wth, and the chubby MC went like so we can be takatoshinki —> cos they both were known as “takatoshi”)


Yunho and Changmin’s ideal type among Japanese celebrity

Yunho: I like bright personality but those that also looks intellectual, and has innocent kind of prettiness.

MC: eh?? eh?? (*hoping)

Yunho: But this is our first meeting *touches the MC’s shoulder*


Yunho: 仲間由紀恵 Yukie Nakama

MC: Have you met her?

Yunho: We met and did a light introduction, but after I went back home and laid on my bed it came to me like “she’s pretty!”

MC: So you when you’re asleep you think about it, so you realized afterwards.

Yunho: Yes it came to me a bit later. And I was a bit dokidoki (heart throb).

10:11 – Changmin

Changmin: lately it’s 長澤まさみ Masami Nakasawa

MCs: Aaaaa~ she’s pretty

Changmin: She looks bright and full of spirit, and she’s also cute.

MC: Have you met her?

Changmin: Last year she came to our Tokyo dome concert.

MCs: Ehhh?

Changmin: Japanese celebrity, actress, came to watch our live performance… I felt like… Uwa! I’m a celebrity.

MC: But you’re also a celebrity…

Yunho shows off his boxing skills:

TVXQ Perform SWEAT on Music Dragon

Ping Pong Game

trans: Bookjakalaka

Note: JUST STAY IN JAPAN!!! These two are too adorable and domestic! LOLOL Midnight snacks? COOKING! OMG!!!

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