TVXQ TREE Interview with Mora Walkman Store

By Lilla Sheil

Q. Can you tell us frankly about your thoughts after you finished recording the album TREE?
CM: I thought that we were able to record our vocals that are more livelier/vivid/intimate than the previous recordings. Personally, I have an image that TREE contains the lesser numbers of dance songs than TIME. Perhaps it is because I have an impression that we have more songs where we were able to record our vocals, the vocals of the two of us.
YH: When we first heard the tracklist of TREE, I felt that the quality of the album was nearly perfect. This is the first time that I felt something like that.

Q. On which aspect did you focus during recording sessions?
YH: Actually, I caught a cold while working on this album. Instead of pushing our schedule back until I get better, I took advantage of my condition and challenged myself to sing with more husky voice.
Q. Which song is it?
YH: It is TREE OF LIFE, and I guess HIDE&SEEK too. Thanks to the cold that I caught (laugh). I think I was able to make these songs sound more like rock songs. So after all, it turned out to be great. In addition, we used to sing songs in our unique vocal styles that we have had. But this time, we made changes to the tone a bit by bit in order to match each song. So at the end, we are able to express our new features (new vocal styles).
CM: I was most concerned about keeping good conditions of my throat. This time, the recording schedule was an extremely hard one.

Q. Did you record TREE simultaneously while recording your Korean album?
YH: Yes, we did. We were making the Korean album in a studio and when we finished the part of recording for the day, we moved to the next-door studio where the recording of the Japanese album was in process. When the Japanese one was done, we moved back to the studio where we were making the Korean album. Something like that.

Q. What did help you for relaxation under the circumstances? Can you share your tips with us how you refresh yourself during recording sessions?
YH: I do not have any particular methods or things. In a recording session, we took a 30 min to 1 hour break, ate meal and played something silly with staffs before resuming the session. When we went back to the session, somehow everything went very smoothly. In the retrospect, I guess we were pretty much stressed out. While recording many songs simultaneously, my brain became less flexible. So it was great that we somehow reduced our stress level by playing silly.

Q. What kind of meal did you eat during recording sessions?
YH: It’s the same kind of thing every time. It’s a takeout of Korean food.
Q. What kind of dish did you enjoy the most?
YH: I liked the stir-fried meat and vegetables. I ate well and chatted with everyone something not so important, which gave me energy to go back to another recording session.
Q. How about you, Changmin? I guess you reduced your stress level by drinking your favorite, beer.
CM: No, No. I was not able to drink beer because our schedule was so tight.
Q. Oh, so you are saying that you did not drink at all? Not even a sip of beer?
CM: Well, I did drink occasionally (laugh). But I could not get drunk because I knew that I would have a busy schedule on the next day. Therefore, I tried my best to stay focused, watched out my throat conditions and prepared for recording.

Q. The album begins with the sweet love song “ I LOVE YOU~ Introduction”
CM: This song expresses our genuine feelings towards our fans. We sang this song without using an excessive technique such as fake. We sang this song in direct/more simple way that we hope to convey our feelings to our fans.
YH: The images of penlights at our concerts were in my mind when I sang this song. I am the type of singer who does not use falsetto very often. But this time, I wanted to convey our fans that I love them and I am grateful to them through my sweet vocal style.

Q. AI WO MOTTO is a great love song. This is a little more emotional song.
CM: This is my favorite. I think it’s a shame to be released as one of the songs included in TREE. I focused really hard and sang this song with full of my emotion.
Q. You sang this song with a bit of lower keys.
CM: Sometimes it’s good to sing a song at the lower key level. Songs in the lower keys are easy to sing (I should thank my director, laugh).
YH: Me too (laugh). This is my key. The most of the Tohoshinki songs are in the higher keys. I think that it will be great if a man can sing this song to his loving woman. The melody line is beautiful. Actually, I sang this song as if I were proposing (to someone).

Q. TREE includes a song where your masculine beauty has been addressed. For example, in CHAMPION, you sing bravely that you are the No. 1.
YH: Yes, we do. The main theme of the song is self-pride/confidence.
Q. The mentality of fighting for victory is the main point of this song, is not it? It’s really cool that you do not consider a loss.
YH: We are pretty straightforward/simple-minded people (laugh).
CM: I think this song is a dance number where we took advantage of our individual unique vocal style. This song also reflects our wish that we want to be champions in the future.

Q. SHINJIRU MAMA is also an intense song that expresses your believes and the way of living as men.
YH: I think this song is a bit like BLINK in TIME. The lyric is about the straightforward/un-derailed way of man’s living. The part, “Sinjiru-mama”, is in a very simple melody line. Therefore, the melody will remain/refrain in one’s heart and mind.
Q. The track is a Southern Hip-Hop.
YH: Yes, we wanted to sing a song with such a beat. Along with CHAMPION, I arranged the RAP part of SHINJIRUMAMA a bit. At the end of the song where the key of “Yuruginai Sinnen no Power (unshakable power of believe)” drops down. It is completely new to me.
CM: I thought that this song was very powerful. When I sing this song, I image myself as someone who lives straightforward. But I know it is so hard to live one’s life like that. Because of this, I guess I look up for the way of living… This song expresses both strength and admiration.

Q. What do you believe in now? And which things cannot you give up?
YH: I believe in invisible energy.
Q. What!?? Paranomal energy?
YH: No (laugh) When I am on stage, I believe that I can continue to perform because of everyone there. I believe that everyone gives me power. That is why I can go wild, run around and sing. I could continue to perform because I believe in the power. I consider the power as invisible energy.
CM: I believe in love. The love that I mean is family love, and passion towards work and something that you like to do.
Q. I guess the love also includes your love to Yunho.
CM: Well, that is a bit different kind of love. It is membership and mutual trust. I guess if you view it globally, it is love too. I am the person who is motivated by love (laugh).

Q. GOOD DAYS is a song with a large theme, i.e. your wishes for everyone tomorrow’s happiness. How did you feel when you first heard the song?
CM: Nanika wo utaga-u yori shinji-tainnda (Instead of disbelieving something, I rather want to believe it).. I think in reality, this is really difficult thing to do. In this world, it is difficult to believe in something so easily as we have full of doubts in many things (laugh). But honestly, I wish I could be like that.
YH: “Iron-na katachi-no yume-ga atte, sorezore no mirai-ga matteru-yo (there are many kinds/shapes of dreams, the future is waiting for you, for each of you) This is my value of life too. If you cherish a day, I believe a bright future, a special future, is waiting for you. The phrase of the song is very close to my own belief.

Q. The title song, TREE, is a huge scale song. How did you feel when you first heard the song?
CM: I thought that it is a ballad with a large theme such as BOLERO and LOVE IN ICE. There are many difficult words in the lyric. We managed to record the song but during the MV shooting, it was so hard to do lip singing because the words kept slipping off my head.
Q. What is your first impression, Yunho?
YH: It is the first time for a while to sing a song in the scale. I was a bit worried whether the two voices of us are suited to the song. On top of that, we had to fully convey the story of the song by its lyric, but the words were so very difficult (laugh). What did this word mean? We had to check with our director by one word at a time.
Q. That is how you tried your best to convey the message of the song..
YH: Yes. As my impression, I thought the song became more and more dramatic at the end. While singing the song, I was quite surprised to find myself singing more dramatically at the end. “Wow, its getting more dramatic, is not it!?” (laugh)

Q. How did you give the title, TREE, to the album? What thoughts were behind?
YH: TREE OF LIFE contains the similar meaning. The progress/maturation of Tohoshinki who have been loved by many fans is closely related to the growth of a tree. At the base, it is the mutual trust between Changmin and I, it is the trust of our fans and us. I believe that it’s not one way thing. Music and people, Changmin and I, fans and Tohoshinki.. we stimulate each other, give good influences to each other, and we grow bigger together. This also resembles the co-existence of the nature and the human being. The nature and the human being affect each other to generate good energy. I think such an environment is ideal. We give the name TREE to reflect/address such thoughts.
CM: This is about my personal story. I visited Grant Canyon when I was in my early 20’s.
I was totally amazed about the huge scale of the nature. By facing the nature, I realized how small a human being is. But human beings are destroying the nature. I thought that we needed to find the way to coexist with the nature, instead of destroying/demolishing it.

Q. Well then, how do you want to nurse/take care of a Tohoshinki tree?
CM: When the grape vine is young, it yields a lot of grape fruits. But each fruit does not have defined taste. Once the vine reaches to some height/size, the branches are trimmed down. The grape vine that is matured in this fashion has less fruits but rooted firmly and the taste of each fruit is in full flavor. When you make wine with such fruits, you can produce wine with full body flavor. I want us to be like a grape vine that can produce all the fruits in full flavor.
YH: I want Tohoshinki to be a tree where we can give comfort to everyone. When you want to take a break, you can lean on the tree. You feel gentle/calm when you see the green leaves. When it’s hot, we can provide shades to you. I want us to become a tree that everyone can get benefit. In order to become such a tree, we need to grow bigger. I want Tohoshinki to become a tree with a wide trunk and full of green leaves.


F: | Trans by beriko0214

PS. Here is the English Translation of Ai Wo Motto

Ai wo Motto – English translations –

If I was the only one in this world
Where would this feeling of mine end up to
If I was the only one in this world
For who am I supposed to laugh and smile to

I realized what love is after sharing happiness and sorrow
I felt complete knowing I live for you

Please send over more love, more love, more love
So that sorrow and happiness and everything connects
I squeeze and hold your hands, so that you can smile more
So that we are happy to be in this world

If in the future, I happen to leave you all alone
It’s not like my feelings will have disappeared
If in the future, you happen to forget what’s important
I want you to find my love that is still there with you

What we believed, promised, wished – everything for you
I will send it along with the wind to the day where you will be able to see it

So that the love will sound forever, forever, forever
Your voice and my voice, our voice together
So we don’t get down in the rain, or storm, or any bad day
So that the love will reach wherever in this world

Even if things deform, and color fades away
My days with you and my will, will not disappear

Please send over more love, more love, more love
So that sorrow and happiness and everything connects
I squeeze and hold your hands, so that you can smile more
So that we are happy to be in this world

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