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By Lilla Sheil

“Diary of Night Watchmen” Jung Yunho, “The drama will be a success? I dreamt a good auspicious dream”… What dream was it that made him say that?

Jung Yunho has confessed that he dreamed an auspicious dream about the success of the drama.

In the video interview for MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday special production “Diary of Night Watchmen” which was revealed on 11 July, Jung Yunho, who takes on the role of “Moo Suk”, who possesses the best swordsmanship in Joseon, attracted attention when he revealed that he had dreamt an auspicious dream.

With an unprecedented concept and subject matter termed the mysterious “night watchmen”, “Diary of Night Watchmen” has generated a lot of buzz even before broadcast. Amidst the commencement of filming, Jung Yunho, whom we met at the film set, laughed and said “Yeah” when asked “It seems like the drama will be a success?”

In addition, he spoke about his hopes for the drama, “Because I dreamed a good dream” and continued, “I saw a baby tiger looking at the sky and rumbling with growling sounds. There were also lights glittering. If this dream can be related to the drama and the drama turns out well (it would be good)”.

Jung Yunho’s role is a military officer who possesses the best swordsmanship in Joseon, and is an icy handsome man with a cold smile. He is a talent who grew up amidst strict education and sword training since young. While being Lee Rin’s (Jung Il Woo) guard and also keeping Lee Rin on surveillance, he came to meet with Do Ha (Go Sung Hee), and he is expected to stand off against Lee Rin on opposite sides of that lady.

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