Yunho’s Views on Acting

By Lilla Sheil

TVQXQ’s U-Know Yunho spoke out on the controversy surrounding his acting ability.

U-Know Yunho attended the press conference for MBC’s upcoming drama The Night Watchman’s Journal on July 29 in the 63 Building in Yeouido, Youngdeungpo-gu.

U-Know Yunho shared his thoughts on acting in his first historical drama.

He said, “Since it’s my first historical drama and I started out as an idol, I heard many criticisms. I’ve said in the past that I would like become an actor who progresses slowly. I think that my sincerity in acting will be reflected through this project. I would like to tell you that what I show through this project is the answer.”

U-Know Yunho also said, “When I first received the synopsis for The Night Watchman’s Journal, I thought it was very different. It caught my interest since it’ll be a new challenge for me. After I met the director, I honestly thought that I might be able to grow through this project.”

Meanwhile, The Night Watchman’s Journal will depict the story of those who deny existence of ghosts, those who take advantage of ghosts and those who try to get rid of them with Joseon dynasty set as the background.

The first episode is set to air on August 4.

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