Changmins Selfies at VIP Premiere Cat’s Funeral

At #Cat’sFuneral, is it the first time in perhaps a year that I am seeing (Changmin)? After seeing (him) at TVXQ’s concert last year~ (he) was prettily dressed in more splendor compared to the lead character, Kangin~ Young woon-ie (Kangin’s real name) will see a daebak coming since many friends showed support today! #MaxChangmin Please watch “Cat’s Funeral” a lot~

Click click (the camera shutter) after coming to support Kangin-ie hyung yesterday ^^!!!!! Movie <Cat’s Funeral> fighting! Everybody, have a good day


Mischievous prankster Uncle Changmin~ #MaxChangmin #ParkMinHa #Cat’sFuneral”

Came to the premiere of . You mustn’t confuse my clothes with a ‘Cow funeral’. My dongsaeng Kangking will be in it. Please give lots of love #catfuneral #kangin #choikangchangmin #heenim #leejinho #henry

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