Round 3: Bulk Preorder Purchase, Closing Soon!

This is crazy!!! But it really goes to show the power of Yunho’s charisma and talent! We have had to close out two surveys already because the responses have surpassed the allowed amount!

Here is ROUND 3 for the Uknow Y CD Bulk Preorder:

Due to overwhelming demand, we will close this survey after the first 50 replies. Please DO NOT duplicate your responses. Only submit one response per email address.

Because our shipping costs to the US from Japan have are going to be so high, we have to cut off the bulk purchasing. The only other way we can continue is if we raise the individual prices to help cover shipping and we don’t want to do that yet.

We may reconsider after the next 50 applications are submitted.

Please check the article on the FAQ that was written for any additional questions.

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