UKNOW Y Bulk Preorder FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. I live in the US, how much postage will I have to pay?
As we do not have the exact weight of the CD and packaging yet we can only estimate. You are able to get exact amounts from (without insurance or tracking) OR from using our shipping zip code 91335, and inputting your shipping zip code. With insurance, tracking and padded packaging we estimate the shipping will cost $10.00.

2. I live in a foreign county outside of the US, how much shipping do I pay?
The United States postal service ( has a FLAT RATE for international packages WITHOUT tracking or insurance, from the US it’s $46.50. If you wish to use tracking and insurance, please visit for rates from our shipping zip code, 91335. (You can also compare to FedEx if you wish).

3. I am ready to commit to the order, and want to pay for it. How do I pay?
We accept PayPal only. You can pay to our TVXQ PayPal account at Please write down your transaction ID and email it to us from the email you used to pay with on PayPal. Please email us the following information:

Full Name:
Shipping Address:
Phone number:
PayPal Transaction ID:
Email address:
Quantity Ordered:

4. How much are the CDs? It says 4500JPYen how much is that in USD?
We are charging $40USD per CD. There is a 375yen of tax per so the actual cost per CD includes tax.

5. How about the shipping from Mumo to Japan and Japan to LA?
We Are T is incurring the full cost of shipping from Mumo to Osaka and then Osaka to LA.

6. I did not get a confirmation email yet, what does that mean?
That means we did not get your address in the survey. Please complete the latest version of the survey ASAP.

7.  When is the Payment due?
May 31, 2015 at noon PST. However please note:
Although the release date of the CD is 7/8, there is a deadline from AVEX BigEast Mumo Shop that all preorders must be reserved by June 17, 2015 (Wednesday) at noon JST.

※ There are a limited number of items (CDs) as soon reached the planned number, sales at the BE Mumo site will discontinue. Please note that all preorders can be terminated due to lack of inventory.

For this reason we are making the cut off for all payments to be submitted via PayPal by May 31, 2015. If we are declined due to lack of inventory (out of stock, sold out), we will reimburse all preorders.

8. What is the PayPal account we make the payment to?

Thank you.

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