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By Lilla Sheil

Changmin’s Cut

Discussion points:
– Abdomen muscles (Changmin) – Changmin states “abs disappear due to drinking alcohol frequently”
Q: On the scene in the drama where he reveals a little of his body
Changmin: Recently there are no ‘body exposure’ scenes and so I drink alcohol often, the muscles have disappeared. Even just two weeks ago they were totally formidable. But now I can’t even show you…”

– Yunho’s warm advice to Changmin
Q: What advice or recommendations did Yunho, who had filmed a period drama first, give to you?
Changmin: He asked me to be careful of the heat. He said that I had to supplement my health.

Full Interview

150712 Section TV 밤선비 by roseaki

– Lee Junki teases Kim Soeun
Lee Jun Ki reveals, “We’re tired of kissing each other.” He then gets the final laugh as he teases, “Kim So Eun tells me, ‘Hey, I also want to try kissing Changmin oppa and Soo Hyuk oppa.’ She’s a greedy woman.”

– Changmin’s description of his character, Prince Yoon Lee
Changmin: My education is outstanding, character is also excellent, and I even have charisma..That is precisely me! ㅋㅋ

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