Changmin’s Final Thoughts on SWWTN

By Lilla Sheil

TVXQ’s Max Changmin took on the role of Lee Yoon in MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama, Scholar Who Walked The Night, and gave an impassioned performance. Through his agency, he expressed, “As it’s the first time challenging a period drama, I initially felt nervous, but not knowing the ending, I had mixed feelings.”

Max Changmin expressed that he ‘worked hard during the filming, as the character himself is charming, he received a lot of love from people, and it seems like it’ll leave a lingering image for a long time,’ and “sincere gratitude to Lee SoonJae senior (his grandfather in the drama), and all the actors that were involved in the filming, all the staff in Scholar Who Walks the Night and sincerely grateful to all the viewers for their support.”

In this drama, although Max Changmin appeared to be like a playboy outwardly, he actually has outstanding with a bright mind; the image of the crown prince with a gentle personality acted out the action scenes with overflowing charisma. When confronted in various situations, Lee Yoon’s emotions changed naturally and won favorable comments for bringing out the subtle expressions through his acting.

And also, despite the reunion with HyeRyeong, it was sad that he was only able to watch the person he loved pass on. He focused all his attention in preparations to confront Gwi. Increasingly curious to see how Lee Yoon will be depicted in the last episode.

Source: DAUM
Trans: tvxq_et_moi

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