Coffee Pong on Naver About WE ARE T MAX Project

By Lilla Sheil


Today the Coffee Pong food truck posted an entry on their Naver Blog about the Food support project for Changmin from We Are T and Changmin’s Little Home.

Changmin asked Lee Soon Jae (his grandfather in the drama), “Sensei, would you like to have some tea?”

Then he responded, “Hmm, let’s see… I’ll have iced choco.” (iced chocolate drink) And everyone laughed.

As always, Changmin drank two pink lemonades.

The blog also shares how pure and humble Changmin is, and very shy! ♥ They say he is as pure as “Rookie of the Year.”

Our message: “Shim Changmin, Our Prince is loved Worldwide! Forever Our Lucky Star!”


Note: Thank you Coffee Pong Team for all your hard work, and especially thank you to Max Nation and TypeB for helping to coordinate this awesome project in Korea, since we international fans are so far away! And of course, thank you to all of the donors who made this possible!

Trans: Amaiming

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