Hong Kong TV Interview with Changmin on Solo CD

By Lilla Sheil

TVXQ Changmin attends an event in Hong Kong, revealed that the preparation for his Japanese solo album is now complete.

When popular artists enlist, their fans will definitely be reluctant to let them go. Korean group TVXQ’s member, Yunho has just enlisted into the army in July this year. While their fans haven’t calm down from it yet, the other (TVXQ) member Changmin will too enlist on 19th November.

Changmin has earlier came to Hong Kong to attend a brand celebration party and to meet up with the fans. He said whenever he’s in Hong Kong, he can always feels the passionate support from his fans and he feels very happy about it. He would like to come to Hong Kong more often.

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Changmin: “Personally, I really want to come here again. Hong Kong is a very beautiful place isn’t it? I love travelling myself! Although I feel sorry for the medias and fans. I hope to come here again in a situation where nobody knows. and make a quiet trip. a trip that allows me to properly enjoy Hong Kong. I really wish to be able to come to Hong Kong again.”

It’s normal that one wants to be slightly low profile during a trip. (That aside), of course he would also want to share some updates about his work. Even though TVXQ is a Korean group, but their development in Japan has been great too, and they have released many Japanese albums before. Changmin revealed that he will be releasing his first ever Japanese solo album.

Changmin: “The preparation/production for the (his solo) album is now complete. Probably…well although it’s still not confirmed, now we are waiting for it to be released, it’s just waiting to be released.”

Reporter: “How do you feel, about (your solo) album this time?”

Changmin: “When the album is released, it wouldn’t have many promotional activities, but it’s still my first ever (solo) album in my life. There were challenges, as well as excitements, because I have tried to the best of my ability to prepare this (album). It is an album that full of those kind of feelings. I hope the fans will like it a lot. ”

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