Changmin Interviewed in haru*hana (Volume 33)

By Lilla Sheil

haru*hana Vol. 33: OX (Yes & No) Questions

1) When you look at your own acting, you feel there is improvement?


Personally, I’m still not very good at acting, still awkward, and I know that I’m still lacking a lot as an actor. Still, I think I have improved in the basics as compared to before, in things like pronunciation and vocalization. This time, instead of acting in a forcibly and unnatural manner, I worked hard on acting through my eyes expression. Even though it’s still not good enough, there were also parts of which I have failed in, but in respect to my intention and efforts to work on my eyes expression, I feel there is improvement.

2) Was it really exhausting to film in Hanbok under the heat?

It was really tough. Because of that, I ate a lot of nutritious food and food that keeps my health in good shape. I even joked to the staff saying something like “Use up all of my acting fees to spend on food if you need, in view of my body, when it comes to food, let’s have good food!” (laugh). (Reporter: Are you someone who easily suffers from heat fatigue?) Yes, I suffer easily from heat fatigue, I also sweat quite easily, it’s really tough. I’m weak to the heat, I’m also weak to the cold. (laugh). I’m really weak period (laugh).

3) Can you understand (Lee) Yoon’s feelings in giving up the one he loves for the sake of his country?

Personally, I don’t think I can do it to that extend. A man like (Lee) Yoon, who was born in the position of a King, in the position of an heir, is meant to be a leader whom will lead his country, and whether he expects it or not, he is someone who was “born with the silver spoon in his mouth.” In contrast to the (Lee) Yoon who was brought up with the responsibility to lead and rule over the country since young, I’m just an ordinary person who is happy with his job and meeting up with his loved ones, an ordinary person who enjoyed his rest time, hence, an ordinary person like me cannot fully comprehend (Lee) Yoon’s feeling. In my opinion, the King has to be someone of high caliber.

4) Have friends or family members who have contacted you to share their impression after watching your work?

My parents were really happy that their son appeared a lot in the drama (laugh). My friends, probably thought that I may be teased if my acting is awkward, but apparently it was more natural than they have thought, so they have sent me lots of support saying “You’ve worked hard. Even though it’s tough, keep it up!”, I have obtained strength from them.

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Scans: prayerfortvxq and 沈昌珉-News

Trans: joeylfy

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