Changmin’s Sneak Peek Interview in Ori Star

By Lilla Sheil

On November 20th the December issue of Ori Star, a Japanese magazine hit the stands, and Yahoo Japan posted a sneak peek of the interview!

Changmin challenged his first period drama in Scholar Who Walks the Night. Following after TOHOSHINKI Yunho, the Changmin who is waiting to enlist. He who promised to make a leap in his career as a singer and as an actor, his present thoughts are captured!

Q: What attracted you to Scholar Who Walks the Night?
C: Before I enlist, when I was considering the kind of works that would be available for me to choose, I heard that the synopsis of Scholar Who Walks the Night had really good reviews, and that I was offered to play the character Lee Yoon; I was really attracted by it then. From the cute appearance that was shown in the beginning of the drama, to the appearance of fierce conflicts with his servants in order to survive in the palace, the role is really broad, that was also the attraction point, and I really wanted to do it.

Q: Recent topic of interest is about your recently revealed sturdy abdominal muscles. How was the reaction of the people around you?
C: Fans were really happy about it. Although they seemed to enjoy it very much whenever I take off a piece of clothing (laugh), but because it takes great effort in working out to maintain that body physique, please don’t say that you want me to take it off anymore. Because I’ll take it off myself (if I want to)! (laugh)

Q: Plans for activities in Japan after this?
C: In Japan, the plan is to continue my activities as a singer as TOHOSHINKI, as Changmin who is the member (of TOHOSHINKI). Once I participated in a Japanese movie and the fans were really happy about it, so if there’s an opportunity, I would be happy to take the challenge as an actor in Japan as well.

Source: Yahoo Japan
Trans: Joeylfly

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