Papa Bear Gets Mentioned: “Netizens Compile Photos of Bodyguard Nicknamed Mom”

By Lilla Sheil
On a popular Korean online community called Instiz netizens have compiled pictures of TVXQ members and their famous “mom” security guard.


Security guards and K-Pop are usually inseparable and especially when it concerns veteran groups like TVXQ some of their security guards have been with them for ages. 
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He is their designated security guard they accompany him to every schedule.

And this is why he’s called “Umma Secu”
He warms their faces up with his hands
He fans and makes sure they’re warm and carries them down from high places.

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Have to make sure the boys stay warm

They always walk with arms linked

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After this performance Changmin gifted “Umma Security” the rose and his eyes turned wide and he blushed like a little girl ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Netizens Reactions:

  • Daebak I hope they are happy together forever
    They look so close
  • He looks like a gang member but he’s so cute
  • He acts completely different from the way he looks
  • They must be really close
  • How he carries them down from the car ㅋㅋㅋ
  • He looks so dependable

Source: Koreaboo

PS. I have personally met this gentleman a few times and he is kind, and very caring for Yunho and Changmin. He sometimes posts photos of them on his IG account: myunghwanhyun

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