Sensational Debuts That Catapulted Groups to Fame

By Lilla Sheil

As we ring in the new year, we are filled with ambition and hopes of creating new beginnings. We can only imagine the magnitude of this feeling in newly-debuted artists. For many, their new beginnings marked the end of tumultuous training periods and the arrival of an opportunity — finally — to become a star. Check out some of the debut tracks — listed in no particular order — of idol groups that were well-received by listeners globally and launched them into stardom.


Let’s rewind 12 years and recall the absolutely adorable and charmingly innocent debut track “Hug” for one of K-pop’s most legendary groups, DBSK. With their 5 original members, their music video captures all the different kinds of guys you could meet out there and fall for. After their appearances on several music shows, “Hug” stayed on charts for almost an entire year! Our five gods of the east were only getting a glimpse of the fame their career as DBSK members would bring.

Who wishes they were the beloved kitten we see smitten with Changmin?

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