TVXQ Changmin’s Fans Hold Record for Most Rice Donated

By Lilla Sheil

The January 27 episode of ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’ explored the idol groups’ fandoms and their generous–at times bordering on prodigal–donations to the less fortunates.

The fandoms’ charitable contributions to society has become something of a sub-culture within K-Pop, and the ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’ crew explored the topic more deeply, especially as the practice had originally begun as tributes (gifts and presents) to idols, and was not directed toward society.

The production team sought to answer the question of which fans had donated the most rice, and it was revealed that TVXQ Changmin’s fans donated around 47 tons of rice totaling an amount over 100 million Won (~$83,000 USD)! Changmin, you got some awesome fans.

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