Yunho’s Chinese Fans Donate 12 Tons of Rice To “Help Those In Need In Gwangju”

By Lilla Sheil

The Chinese fans of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho have donated 11.72 tons of rice to help those in need in the Gwangju region.

According to the Gwangju branch of the Community Chest of Korea (CCK), U-Know Yunho’s Chinese fans, led by the fansite ‘MyYunho’, donated 586 sacks of rice that weighed 20kgs each (11.72 tons, worth 35 million Won).

The rice will be distributed by five borough offices to low-income families and social welfare organizations in the Gwangju region.

U-Know Yunho’s Chinese fans decided to make the donation to celebrate TVXQ’s 12th anniversary and the singer’s birthday (February 6th), and they chose Gwangju as it is the singer’s hometown.

This is not the first time that the Chinese fansite ‘MyYunho’ has made a donation under the singer’s name, having created a ‘Yunho Library’ in a rural Chinese elementary school in 2012 to celebrate the singer’s birthday.

A representative of ‘MyYunho’ stated, “Most fans are aware of U-Know Yunho’s continued devotion to donations and helping those in need,” and “We’ve decided to make this donation to give U-Know Yunho, who’s well-known for the love he has for his hometown, a special present this year.”

Source Gwangju Daily

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