WE ARE T ~ Second Memories

Avex announced a follow up release of their Tohoshinki “WE ARE T” DVD! The second version, entitled “Second Memories” will have several behind the scenes of photo shoots, music videos and interviews.

The DVD will be released on 2/24/2016, and can be pre-ordered only from Bigeast Official Shop on Mumo (only for fanclub members).

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  1. Reiko Kawana

    I am interested in ordering from you, if that’s ok. 🙂 I’m Reiko Kawana from FB. You know me in person as well. XD Hope to hear from you very soon, via FB in PM. <3

    1. Hi Reiko!

      Ok I haven’t heard from anyone else so I will most likely place the order within a week. I will let you know the cost of shipping EMS, if that works for you. Thanks!

      1. Sure thing, Kat! Sounds good to me. *thumbs up* I can’t wait to get this. <3

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