Yunho’s Birthday Bash at SMT Seoul

By Lilla Sheil

We are blessed to get more updates on Yunho’s 31st birthday celebration as well as his leave from duty while he was on break.

Music producer and song writer, Cho Hankyung, attended Yunho’s birthday party at SMT Seoul, expressed his respect for Yunho’s work ethic, even though he is on vacation: “A man like you who, even when out on a break, always works through the night. It was enjoyable spending this meaningful day together~ our #new music project is still going on ^^” *
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#유노형 #생일때 #개리누나 #하드캐리

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Many of his friends from the “85” line (born in 1985), attended the SMT Seoul birthday party, including SM backup dancer and choreographer, Hyoje Choi.

Several friends joined the party, including members of his 26th Division Army band!

새해복많이 받아여🎉🎂💋나라 잘지키고 내년에도👏#생일파티#먹방#SMT

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A stylist uploaded a short clip of Yunho’s birthday cake at SMT Seoul!

Fans found an older photo that was shared on SNS of the same music producer, and it seems that Yunho is in the background, while on leave this past November 2015.

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