TVXQ has Gone Vryl!


Last month, the concert photobook that was filled with TVXQ’s handsome images was released.

The loneliness that we have felt because of the two members, who have been by our side,

leaving us temporarily due to their military obligations,

could be soothed a little through the photobook, couldn’t it?

(Or is it just me…?)


Today, on Vyrl, we offer the stories that we could not include in the photobook, to everyone.


Firing the first shot with ‘#TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR – T1ST0RY –‘’s opening costume.

Actually, this costume astonished with the amount of details, an then again astonished with its weight.




According to the legend(?), the stylists who took care of the production of the opening costume this time, said:

“This was the costume (we) had put in the most amount of work in,

All of the craftsmanship and every stitch of the beading work was done individually.”


You can check the detailed story in the photobook 👍


We can’t leave out the clothes that were worn on the encore stage for “D-Day”,

Although it is similar to an ordinary black T-shirt~?


In fact, it is a shiny T-shirt that glitters just like TVXQ

Whether it is #Yunho‘s T-shirt, or #Changmin‘s T-shirt

Everyone, you should be able to tell with one look, right?😀


Oh my!

Just with the fingers moving, already so coolㅋ

Enlisted shinki standing out even in rehearsals!


The two people who resemble each other, even from the backview 😍


Let’s do it here, let’s do it there.

Even when deciding their positions, the two are 꽁냥꽁냥 {t/n: Korean slang usually used to describe two people who are acting/whispering to each other in a couple-like/affectionate/flirtatious-like manner..}


Until, and including the members’ interview,

and the revelation of the interesting behind the stories of the staff who participated in the concert!


I AM HERE BESIDE YOU which is filled with the A to Z of TVXQ concert.



While conveying the same heart of wanting to see good things to everyone..

we will also run along together~


Source:  Vyrl

Trans: Snxy

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