Anniversary Letters from Yunho & Changmin

On April 27th, AVEX shared letters written personally by Yunho and Changmin to BigEast fan club members!

Yunho’s Letter

Everybody~♫ This is TVXQ’s Yunho. You’re doing well, right?? Now, without knowing, April has come… In Japan, with the new quarter approaching, you are waiting for as many interesting things in the future, too, right?? As much as I am growing and doing well spiritedly, I am thinking a lot of Bigeast… Sometimes, I miss the side of me that was the most passionate and happiest from inside the fence of the stage…
Nevertheless, as in the army, the importance of what stages are about, and preparing for concerts with many comrades, have (made me feel like) I am once again, going with an initial heart {t/n: like a rookie self}, I am experiencing many places…Really…The size is not important but sincerely going and returning {t/n: doing one’s task} is the most important, and that it is not about what the stage is, but at places where the audience is, that I am happy… I was a happy kid ^^… And above all else, I am most happy that shortly, it is the 11th anniversary of our debut~ ^^
♥ April 27♥ kyaa~♥ Really, as I have come here together with everyone, (it is) “so much more” invaluable and happier. This year, as I cannot be together (with you), it is very regrettable but~ as much as it is regrettable, as (I) will be coming back quickly, for the time that we could not see each other, I will make happy memories, recollections with everyone. As I am writing it like this~ I want to see that day quickly ♥ (ㅎㅎㅎ… ) I am feeling the support that everyone is always giving; Like I had mentioned, I am in the midst of returning as a monster… So until then (when we meet again.. ) let us each tolerate it a bit more~ ^^* For me, as well, in as much as I welcome the new quarter.. I will coolly grow as “the real man, Jung Yunho”…
Everyone, don’t fall sick, and I will pray that you can attain everything that you want~♥
We Are T, I love you.. 👍!

Also P.S. In the army, my direct junior in the squad’s name is Changmin~♫ I felt like I am TVXQ! as expected~♥
Everyone, please be happy~♥  Really what… it is the feeling of writing a letter to family~ (Did I) write it that easily??


Changmin’s Letter

This is Changmin. Everyone, are you well?
Another year passes, as we welcomed (our) 11th debut anniversary (in Japan). ^^
Though we are apart, thank you for providing your passionate support (to us) like you always do.
Everyone too, as you grow older, it will be reflected by your face… www
Though I’m just joking, but there is… some element of facts in there… www
I as well, like everyone else, would like to meet with everyone as soon as possible.
However, I’m jealous of everyone who have seen us in the film concert already.
Personally, I think Yunho’s gags are really cold… but (he) did his very best for everyone, so I hope everyone would enjoy it.^^
(The weather) has becoming hot right? ^^
Please exercise. It is good to control your diet too!
In any case, please exercise.

Our juniors in the company will do their best from now on as well, so please continue to cheer for them. ^^

It has been awhile since I have sent a message in Japanese. ^^
I’ll send a message again should the opportunity arise. ^^
Everyone as well, please stay healthy. ♡

From Changmin

Source:  BigEast Website

Translation: Yunho’s Letter by @snxy,
Changmin’s Letter by @joeylfy

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