Composer and Lyricist Attends TVXQ Film Concert

We know that Tohoshinki back up dancers recently attended the Tokyo session of TILL, the Film concert, but now we heard from SNS that the world famous composer and lyricist, Shinjiroh Inoue also attended.

The old man who got silver streamers (laughed).

Initially, I felt a bit lost and wondering about the best way to enjoy this (TILL concert), but as I watched, I understand that there were many preparations properly made for this and I couldn’t help but admire them. At the end, I couldn’t hold it any longer and shed tears of unexpectedly.

I’m glad that I went, and I felt “I will work hard too!”

Shinjiroh Inoue is the genius behind such great hits as Duet (my personal favorite), Chandelier, In Our Time, Ocean, and Still.

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