U-Clean Youth Culture Concert w/Performances by SMPA

On Saturday, May 28th, under the hot Seoul sunshine, the SMPA unit joined others, such as Hello Venus, Sonamoo, Park Boram, on the stage to promote youth culture at the World Cup Stadium. Changmin, Donghae and Siwon collaborated with the rest of SMPA unit to astound fans and students in attendance with their bright and fun stage performances.

Fresh from their anti-violence cyber campaign, for students, Changmin and the SMPA unit showed new numbers that audiences had not seen before, including a very impressive traditional Korean drum number (nanta) that amazed fans since Changmin has never shown any signs of knowing how to play any percussion instrument in the past; he must have visibly practiced for days on end, enough to develop calluses on his palms, as captured in several fan photos. The number was moving, as Changmin kept tempo, he was spot on with his accuracy and energy!

He also charmed the audience with his shy behaviour after being introduced by the MC as TVXQ’s “Choikang Changmin,” and the fangirls screaming loudly, Changmin melted into a nearby column with his ears flaming red!

As the concert was held at 2pm, the day was hot, but for the 1,000+ fans in attendance, their enthusiasm did not wane.

Check out the photos shared in our TVXQ Enlistment Album, as well as the HD fancams of the performances: Super Junior’s Oppa Oppa & Rokugo with Siwon & DongHae, and the Nanta number.

The U-Clean Concert has been promoting a clean lifestyle for youth culture for the past twelve years.

Oppa Oppa



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