SMT Japan Without TVXQ is Like Hogwarts Without Harry Potter

On July 16, 2016 in the Kyocera Dome, Osaka Japan, SMTown performers took to the stage for the first time in Japan without our beloved Tohoshinki representing the strong BigEast fan club. Several promotions via social networks and email attempting sell out the SMTown Japan tickets, which have been extremely difficult and competitive to buy in the past, due to the sheer popularity of Tohoshinki. Last year Max Changmin performed on stage with his labelmates, as Yunho was in the process of enlisting; this year both of them are serving active duty in the military therefore were unable to perform.

TVXQ fans are certainly missing live concert performances can be somewhat consoled in hearing a few recent words from our members, Yunho and Changmin from their friends and labelmates.

Super Junior’s leader, LeeTeuk stated he had met the day prior with Shindong, Eunhyuk and Yunho, and Yunho told him to tell the audience, “Please wait a little bit more.” LeeTeuk said Yunho will return even cooler and manlier than before.

SHINee’s Minho commented, “Although there are no TVXQ seniors present this year so it feels lonely, we will keep working hard so please support everyone.”

Meanwhile the mood was made lighter with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun’s tongue in cheek comment from Max Changmin, “Let’s see how interesting SMT Japan is without me.”

A TVXQ fan on Twitter said, “SMTown Japan without Tohoshinki is like Hogwarts without Harry Potter. Japan is Tohoshinki Land!”

Aside from their labelmates, close friend of Yunho, Son Hojun told audiences of Entertainment Weekly that he tried to always pick up when Yunho calls him while serving in the Army because when the tables were turned and Hojun was serving, no matter how busy he was, or where he was touring, Yunho would find time to receive Hojun’s phone calls. He went on to joke that although it was Yunho that wanted the last four digits of their mobile phone numbers to match, eventually Yunho had changed his number, thus in turn Hojun changed his own as well.

Last year’s performances and emcee segment by Changmin:

Tohoshinki SMT in Tokyo Dome, TVXQ introduction in 2014:

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