TVXQ! 13th Anniversary Fundraising Project

As loyal fans of TVXQ!, our fanclub, We Are T (, proposes to raise funds for a charitable contribution in honor of TVXQ’s 13th Anniversary on December 26, 2016. The fundraiser is to a worthy cause that is near and dear to the member’s hearts: the well-being of children and anti-violence programs. Although Special Class Soldier, Corporal Jeong Yunho and Officer Shim Changmin are both serving in active duty in the military, they remain strong in our hearts. We wish to show them our support for TVXQ! with this project.

KFAMLA ( is an organization that promotes healthy families and homes, nurturing care and safety for Asian children in Los Angeles.

Family Violence Program:
KFAM provides quality intervention, prevention and outreach services for Korean immigrant families affected by domestic violence and child abuse. We provide crisis intervention, counseling and support for victims, perpetrator accountability group programs, and culturally-specific education and outreach to prevent domestic violence and to improve access to services for victims.
Specialized services for women and children affected by domestic violence are housed in KFAM’s Center for Women & Children wing. Established through the generosity of Benjamin Hong Foundation and community donors, the Center offers a safe and supportive space featuring enhanced safety measures and flexible after service hours.

The Asian Foster Family Initiative Program:
Being placed in non-ethnic specific foster families that lack knowledge about the children’s language, food or culture can compound the existing anxiety, confusion and trauma. In response, KFAM started the Korean Foster Family Initiative (KFFI) campaign to bring awareness of this deficit and ultimately recruit Korean families to become licensed foster care providers through Los Angeles County DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services). Through the success of the Korean Foster Family Initiative 20 Korean foster families have been licensed or certified and 4 children have been or are in the process of being adopted. KFAM just launched the Asian Foster Family Initiative (AFFI) in December 2015 to recruit, train and license Asian foster parents from the Chinese, Cambodian and Filipino communities.
위탁시스템에 맡겨지는 과정에 이미 어려움을 겪은 아동들은 언어와 음식, 문화적 환경이 다른 낯선 타민족 위탁가정에 갈때에 그 불안함, 혼돈과 트라우마가 가중됩니다. 한인가정상담소는 LA카운티 아동보호국의 한인 위탁아동들이 한인가정에서 돌봄 받을 수 있도록 한인위탁가정을 모집하고 교육하는 일을 해오고 있습니다. 한인위탁가정 프로그램인 “둥지찾기”의 성공을 통해 한인가정상담소는 Asian Pacific Family Center와 함께 아시안 위탁아동들을 돕기위한 Asian American Foster Family Initiative를 시작하게 되었습니다.

1. Donate via PayPal to; please use ‘family & friends’ gift, OR if that option is not available, please remember to contribute the 5% PayPal services fees.
2. We will have a few auction items to share with fans, but please keep in mind that the winners will pay for the shipping fees.
3. Please invite fans worldwide to join in; a master donors list will be posted on as well as on KFAMLA. We hope to spread the word, so please use SNS to post.
4. The duration will be from July 1st to November 30th, 2016

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