Just the Two of Us, TVXQ Album Release this Fall!

Fans rejoiced when we heard what we thought would be impossible while U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin are serving their conscripted military service in South Korea: TVXQ! will release a new Japanese album on October 5th, 2016!

BigEast official members received an email from AVEX yesterday which included the playlist on the CD, entitled “Just the Two of Us”:

01. Intro 〜The Dawn Sky〜
02. Baby don’t cry -Two of Us ver.-
03. Believe In U -Two of Us ver.-
04. Sweat -Two of Us ver.-
05. Interlude 〜This Dear Ocean〜
06. 逢いたくて逢いたくてたまらない -Two of Us ver.-
07. One More Thing -Two of Us ver.-
08. In Our Time -Two of Us ver.-
09. OCEAN -Two of Us ver.-
10. Interlude 〜Sinking Sun〜
11. Duet -Two of Us ver.-
12. Interlude 〜Blue Moment〜
13. One and Only One -Two of Us ver.-
14. Time Works Wonders -Two of Us ver.-
15. Chandelier -Two of Us ver.-
16. Weep -Two of Us ver.-
17. Outro 〜Silence of The Night〜

Most of the album appears to be remixed versions of previously released songs, with the exception of the Intro, Interludes and the closing song, which appear to be new. The album will be available in October, and can be purchased on the BigEast site.

Cost: Price: ¥ 3,000

Source: Tohoshinki Site

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