SMPA Human Rights Film Festival

Regardless of the cold rainy weather, the show must go on! And Officers Changmin Shim and Choi Siwon performed in front of 200 fans as well as industry media photographers at the 2016 Seoul Police Agency Human Rights Film Festival at the National Police Agency Human Rights Center located at Namyeong Station, Seoul.

The performance was by invitation only, fans had to apply online and receive an email invitation in order to be allowed in the gate.

According to SNS accounts, when Changmin wasn’t performing, he went behind the preparation tent, so he wouldn’t distract from the other performances as fans attempted to photograph him.

Changmin performed his solo, “Running Across the Sky” as the rain fell hard, drenching him and fans, he didn’t miss a note and thanked the fans for coming and asked them to go back safely.

Running Across the Sky FANCAMS

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  1. Wow, he looks so good as always. ❤️ Totally love his singing voice…miss listening to him so much! I don’t know why I think he cut his hair again. (got it buzzed) I could be wrong. Thanks for sharing as always. ❤️

    1. I think he got his hair cut recently too, and maybe not at Jenny House where he got it cut professionally. (Most KPOP idols and stars use Jenny House). His sideburns aren’t perfect, so it looks more like a barber job. LOL

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