Avex Releases Two of Us MV’s Starring Junpei Mizobata

Confused Tohoshinki fans are still wondering why Avex chose to use Junpei Mizobata in all three MV’s of the newly released Remix version of Two of Us Music Videos.

Not only was there no explanation as to why they selected the actor, (because he isn’t part of their label), but also, even more frustrating, the music videos were made private, and only available for a very limited time!

Junpei Mizobata starred in a Japanese movie “Fly with the Gold” with Changmin back in 2013.

Three years ago, the actor did mention his appreciation for TVXQ in an article interview for VOCE


Tell us what you are into and what you want to recommend to people?
I’m a huge fan of Tohoshinki’s. I first met Changmin through a movie, Fly with The Gold.
I went to their concert in Tokyo dome and they’re not only great singers but also great dancers. They’re awesome! I got to visit them at the dressing room. I got to meet Yunho there and he said” Thanks for being nice to Changmin. Is he doing alright? ” to me.

Thanks to Japanese fans who were able to compile the videos for us and share on Twitter!

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